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  • Brother: A Narrative Fiction

    “Ok, I can’t lie to you.“I can’t tell anyone that Alex and I are brothers, and if I do he will make my life miserable.” “Honey that is horrible. I am going to do something about this.” The next day I wake up and I roll into the kitchen and I see Alex with a handcuff on his right hand and suddenly the other is on my left hand. “This is your way of solving things?” “Yes it is,” my mom said with satisfaction. Alex had not said anything I thought of one moment that he may be ok with this. I was proud of him. Then I realized I was wrong Alex was not ok with this. As he raged in anger and yelled “WHERE IS THE KEY?” My mom's face turned bright red in fear. “You are not going to get it,” I yelled. “ I HAVE THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TONIGHT,” Alex screamed! I cringed in fear ready to be hit. Nothing happened you could hear a pin drop in the house. “We need to get going or else we will be late for school,” Alex said as he shouted under his breath. Everyone was confused when I was seen handcuffed to Alex…

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  • Personal Narrative: Spending The Whole Weekend With Shaun

    place the vibrator onto my clit all while looking at him and saying "you like what you see?" "Oh yes," he exclaimed. With every pulse the toy gave off , the wetter I got. Positioned there on the bed I started moaning, really arousing myself as I continued. I slipped away into my own world for a second as the ripples of pleasure started coming over me. Right as I was about to cum I stopped , turned the vibrator off and got up from the bed. I went over to Shaun and removed his restraints "…

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  • Schoolkids In Handcuff Analysis

    Schoolkids in Handcuffs. The Editorial Board published “Schoolkids In Handcuffs” which focuses on the recent issues with school officers overstepping the boundaries in punishing students. The video shows a police officer throwing a student across a room due to misbehaving. In a related video, two children were handcuffed due to a failure of following directions because of health problems. Both of those stories display what’s been happening for decades. The articles also point “The violent…

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  • James Shinn's Case Summary

    several times. Mr. Lopez then told the officers that he did not have to get out of the car. Shinn then held onto Mr. Lopez’ left arm to guide and remove him from the vehicle. Mr. Lopez then tried to resist and pull away from Shinn and Kittman. Mr. Lopez was then removed and placed in handcuffs with the assistance of Kittman. Mr. Lopez was taken to the back seat of Shinn’s unit since he was being arrested for drunk in public. Mr. Lopez did complain to Shinn about the handcuffs being too…

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  • Disruptive Veter Case Study

    On October 14, 2016, at 1556 hours, Officer Villalon requested back up at room 1B102, with a disruptive Veteran. Upon arrival, I entered the room and saw Veteran James Wilson – 4010 sitting in a chair and Officer Villalon standing beside the desk to the right. While in the room Officer Villalon was explaining to Wilson that he could use profanity towards Pat Garrett the Pharmacy Supervisor. Wilson stated “Well use profanity towards me”. Officer Villalon stated “you use profanity towards him…

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  • Boo Muxley Diary

    Deputy Oxley grabbed his right arm in an attempt to place him in handcuffs and he pulled away. I grabbed Mares, Gabriel’s left arm in an attempt to assist controlling him. He continued to resist being placed in handcuffs and I placed a knee strike to the muscles of the thigh on his left leg. During the altercation, I got pinned up against a wall. Mares attempted to put me in a head lock. Deputy Oxley and I took Mares to the ground and while still in the head lock it forced my head hit the tile…

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  • The Great Masturbator Analysis

    other hand, Salvador Dalí’s artworks are based more on his philosophies, occurrences happening around him not directly to him and the way his mind works, with all his paranoia and the surreal landscapes seeming formed from pure imagination. This shows that “Art can be an expression of personal experience” and not only that, it can be a reflection of one’s surroundings and one’s own mind, which can also lead to an expression of personal experience. In terms of life experiences, Ai Weiwei boasts…

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  • Permissible Use Of Force Essay

    perception of the suspect and in the subheading, the officer’s permissible response for each level. I. Mere Presence A. Physical presence, body language, gestures, other nonverbal actions 1. The physical presence of the uniformed officer may be enough of a deterrent to prevent any criminal activity 2. Body language and non-threatening gestures a) The officer may use a horn or lights as a deterrent II. Verbal Resistant A. The officer will use verbal commands and then light physical contact as a…

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  • Arbogast Proposal: A Case Study

    I advised him of my intentions to cite Madison then release her. I advised I was unable to contact her mother as well but she was not in the system as a run away any longer. While writing the citation, Madison was becoming more irate and uncontrollable. Madison was reaching behind her body and into the top of her skirt behind her. I then removed Madison and searched my back seat for contraband. No evidence was located during this search. She was then advised to stop moving around while her…

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  • Non Custodial Interrogation

    The question here is whether Bodie is under arrest or it is a non-custodial interrogation. Interrogation is a term that refers to the police questioning you in the context of a criminal investigation. So a custodial interrogation would be what occurs after the person has been arrested on the suspicion of a crime. On the other hand, an interrogation may occur because a person is being suspected of participating in or in some way involved in a crime, but the police need more information in order…

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