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  • Willie-Jay In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    Lennie Small discreetly plays with his new born puppy. Suddenly, his friend and mentor figure, George Milton realizes Lennie’s flawed actions and turns to the bigger man, instructing him to “get right up an’ take this pup back to the nest,” (39). George warns Lennie that he may kill the new born due to its extremely small size and young age, foreshadowing Lennie’s accidental murder of the fledgling dog later on. Much like these two men from John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Willie-Jay and Perry have a similar relationship, where Willie-Jay serves as Perry’s mentor and foreshadows his future gruesome actions with his advice. Despite his minor role in the story, Willie-Jay has a significant…

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  • John Jay Characteristics

    John Jay was one of America's astounding Founding Fathers that played a major role in molding and creating part of the modern government that we see today. With the ideas and contributions from Jay, it is evident that he was a crucial part of not only ending detrimental situations dealing with foreign countries, but also dealing with domestic issues as well. John Jay was born in New York City on December 12, 1745. Jay had a highly affluent childhood and came from a very well off family in…

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  • John Jay Observation Essay

    When conducting this research, I was able to interview three John Jay students: Peter, Wendy and Jane. I also observed two of the same students, Peter and Wendy. The interviews were conducted during the month of April. I interviewed Peter, Wendy and Jane for forty minutes each during John Jay’s Community Hour, a time period where no classes are in session. I made a list of questions and asked them fifteen interview questions each. I created the interview questions based off of my own ideas and…

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  • John Jay Constitutional Movement Analysis

    Before attending the lecture The Other Publius: John Jay’s Constitutional Movement, presented by Jonathan Den Hartog, I had never heard of John Jay. In my high school AP American Government and Politics class, I had read and analyzed a number of James Madison’s Federalist Papers including his most important (#10, #39, #51); however, I never read John’s Jay’s contributions to the Federalist Papers. The lecturer spoke about topics surrounding the farming and ratification of the Constitution and…

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  • John Jay Second Federalist Analysis

    The second federalist paper was written by John Jay to the people of New York. The title of the paper was "Concerning Dangers from foreign force and influence for the independent journal." The second federalist paper was divided into sub categories about the United America, constitution and the government. John Jay argued why we should stay united as one and pointed out the way to make that possible was to institute a national government to care for the union and rival the European foreign force…

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  • John Jay Chapman's Essay On Coatesville

    In John Jay Chapman’s essay, “Coatesville”, he expresses his horror and rage at the burning of a black man while hundreds of white onlookers did nothing. In this piece he states how the American people are bound to cruelty, during the age of slavery. Chapman originally addresses his primary thesis at a prayer meeting in 1912, were he establishes that all of America was to blame in the tragedy and that we are all guilty. This process of racism and prejudice had been extended for too long and with…

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  • James Madison And Alexander Hamilton: The Federalist Papers

    Although The Federalist papers are a thing of the past, they contribute and play a major role in our society today. From aiding our government in making decisions to contributing in the manner our political system is set up today. Many different people such as: John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton composed The Federalist Papers. Even though numerous and distinctive minds put their hard work, determination, and outstanding ideas into these documents, they all had one purpose. The hope…

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  • Political Parties During The 1790s Analysis

    During the 1790s, amongst many reasons, opposition regarding the proper use of federal power and attitudes toward Britain and France created the first political parties in America--the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. Members of the Federalist Party included Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison, and John Marshall. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. The Democratic-Republicans included Samuel Adams, Elbridge Jerry, Patrick Henry, George Mason, Richard Henry Lee, George…

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  • Trees Without Roots Fall Over: Personal Experiences

    and I went to sit next to her. We started to sway back and forth while I was crying in her arms. She told me not to cry while rubbing my shoulders and said “I’m happy and I’m okay.” I stopped crying because I was relieved to hear those words out of her mouth. I smiled at her then the last thing she said was “Goddess Saraswati is looking over you.” I woke up happy knowing she was happy and protected. That very day I sat down and wrote my final paper that rewarded me an A. The “Aha” Moment A few…

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  • The Federalist Analysis

    What were they originally intended to do? Why is it such a prodigious accomplishment on Madison’s part? The well respected Federalist Papers were a series of 85 persuasive essays anonymously published with the sole purpose to convince the states, specifically New York, to ratify The Constitution. Although published anonymously, the Federalist Papers were soon found to be written by three outstanding and authoritative men: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. The leader of this…

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