Analysis Of The Federalist Papers

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Although The Federalist papers are a thing of the past, they contribute and play a major role in our society today. From aiding our government in making decisions to contributing in the manner our political system is set up today. Many different people such as: John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton composed The Federalist Papers. Even though numerous and distinctive minds put their hard work, determination, and outstanding ideas into these documents, they all had one purpose. The hope that everyone could come to an understanding with them to support a constitution that establishes a strong central government. The Federalist Papers are total of eighty-five articles that were published between the years of 1787 and 1788. The articles …show more content…
They worked together, put their minds to work, and wrote the eighty-five essays in favor of a strong central government. Alexander Hamilton helped write the eighty-five articles, but he was not exactly in complete control of everyone who was part of the Federalist group. He had even left his post early in the year of 1795 because of many different money problems. His time came while he was in New York; Hamilton was noticed as becoming a big support and for fighting hard against George Clinton and his party. Because of this, Hamilton became a huge supporter along with James Madison.2 James Madison was most commonly known as “The Father of the U.S. Constitution.” Because of this he was a big help to the Federalist Papers. “As a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Madison helped to revise the Articles of Confederation. His emphasis on a strong, central government helped the nation to become more than just a collection of individually weak states.”3 Because James Madison was in support of all of this and because he knew so much about the U.S. Constitution, he was a huge help to the writing of The Federalist Papers. Last, but not least there was John Jay. He was also a big help to the writing of The Federalist Papers, but contributed the least when in came to piecing together the “masterpiece.” “He collaborated with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison by writing five essays for The Federalist—the classic defense of the new governmental structure.”5 These were the three main authors of The Federalist

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