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  • Terrorist Group Analysis

    The organizational structure of a terrorist group determines its strengths and weaknesses and there are two categories of organization; hierarchical and networked. Groups associated with a political activity require a more hierarchical structure in order to coordinate terrorist violence with political action. Terrorist groups using the networked structure, are organized in cells so that the loss of a cell would not compromise the identity, location or actions of other cells or the organization. Hezbollah, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Tamil Tigers are politically motivated and their attacks are focused on their governments. Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram, ISIS and Lashkar E Taiba are all motivated by religion and their targets are…

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  • Examples Of Group Cohesiveness

    rationalizations that explain away doubt.” (374) While group loyalty is important to understanding how and why individuals sacrifice for the group, power can also influence others to self – sacrifice. Suicide bombers take their own life for the group or the cause. “From 1980 to 2001, suicide attacks accounted for 3 percent of terrorist incidents but caused half of the total deaths due to terrorism.” (367) With suicide attacks on the rise, it is important to understand the conditions that they…

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  • Radicalization In Psychology

    them cross the line from venting their anger to becoming terrorists” (Sageman 84). He then concludes that it is this in-group loyalty, “inspired by a violent Salafi script,” that accounts for the process of radicalization (Sageman 88). Like Marc Sageman, Quintan Wiktorowicz approaches the process of radicalization by examining the interaction between theology and social psychology. His case study research on Omar Bakri Muhammad’s radical Islamist organization, al-Muhajiroun, was published in…

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  • Islamic Resistance Movement Ppt

    Hamas — Islamic Resistance Movement Hama is a Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization of Palestinian nationality. The group was founded in 1987, and it’s original goal was to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation and to establish an Islamic state in the occupied Israeli territory of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Hamas’s headquarter is located in the Palestinian territory of Gaza. The group formed as an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is known for being the first…

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  • Summary Of The Film Paradise Now By Hany Abu-Assad

    Terrorism is an extremely prevalent problem in the world today. Every month there is news of a bombing in some city, or a shooting in some neighborhood, and Western media has made Islam the face of terrorism. While Jihadists only make up a fraction of the proponents of terrorism, the media has caused “terrorism” to be synonymous with “Muslim.” Even understandable acts of rebellion, like the liberation movement of Palestine against Israel, are seen as Islamic radicalism because misguided…

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  • ISIS: A Threat Analysis

    States would have likely got involved. This is a good example of a conflict with limited involvement by the United States. For a more current and rising threat this essay will look at ISIS since it has now become the biggest terrorist threat that faces the United States and has the most potential to grow. They have control over a large territory that stretches across the border of Syria and Iraq and has over 30,000 fighters with military capabilities (Cronin, 2015). It has gained enough power…

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  • Suicide Bombing Culture

    Suicide bombing is a spark in a field of dry grass. “The Koran forbids the ones taking one’s own life and this prohibition is still generally observed”.(Brooks 175) What makes them want to go die for there country as well as for there religion? David brookes clearly answered this question in the passage “The culture of Martyrdom: how suicide Bombing Became Not Just a Means but an End”. The suicide bombing has been on the rise ever since April of 1983; when a group of 240 people were killed by…

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  • Boko Haram Swot Analysis

    INTRODUCTION Every Terrorist group has a history such as where they came from and why did they appear in a specific country. Boko Haram first begins in 2002 in Maidu-Guri, the capital of Borno State in the country of Nigeria located in a west part of Africa. The Islamic terror group over the past years has being operating around the Nigeria and Niger boarder; also between Nigerian and Cameroon boarder. Nigerian has a population of about 170 million people and it is a multi-ethnic country with…

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  • Women's Liberation Of Palestine: A Case Study

    During the decade preceding the intifada that began in 1987, the PFWAC was both the largest and most influential women’s organizations within the occupied territories (Hasso 442). The involvement of women resulted in the prioritization of issues traditionally the responsibility of women, such as “taking care of children orphaned by the violence, establishing kindergartens, vocational classes, and small income-generating enterprises” (Kawar 235). Women’s involvement is not in spite of their…

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  • Sageman And Wiktorowicz's Approach To Radicalization

    Although it overlaps with Sageman’s arguments, Wiktorowicz’s approach to radicalization is relatively more complex; among other things, he introduces the ‘cognitive opening’ theory, a crisis “that shakes certainty in previously accepted beliefs and renders an individual more receptive to the possibility of alternative views and perspectives.” The crisis can instigate a cognitive opening. This can take a variety of forms, depending on the individual, but when related to Islamic movements, the…

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