The Elderly, Homeless, And The Homeless Essay

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The vulnerable population is made up of several groups of residents in Baltimore. These groups consist of the elderly, homeless, disabled, and immigrants. While researching about Baltimore City it has become apparent the biggest barrier to resource retrieval by vulnerable populations is their understanding of available help. These barriers vary by group and include reduced visual and audible abilities, lack of education leading to illiteracy, language barriers, and lack of access to information sources. This problem manifests constantly in the city as it prevents people from receiving care that has been set aside by the government for them. As a result stability in the community is reduced and they become more susceptible to disasters, both natural and man-made, and disease. An example of this can be found by looking through research done by Schwarz (2008) in distributing Hepatitis B vaccines. In the city there are funds set aside for free vaccines to be distributed to the homeless. However past attempts to distribute this vaccine to the population resulted in a 4% turn out. Schwarz found that the population needed to be reached out to at places where they felt comfortable and given multiple forms of communication about the vaccine to ensure that they understand the information given. By using multiple forms of communication they increased the turnout rate to 77% for the 2nd vaccine and 66% for the 3rd vaccine. This project aims to develop a plan in…

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