Homeless Argumentative Essay

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Rogerian Argument Essay

The homeless need healthcare because they are the ones more prone to develop illnesses and are in the most need for health care do to the environment they are living in. This is important to everyone because of moral reasoning, if we were to not help the homeless it could go against our better judgement. It will also affect how we live because if our streets are littered with ill homeless people, we would spread disease and it will reflect badly on ourselves. Some things that we could do to help is vote on legislation to fund programs for the homeless, create our own fundraisers or donate, and volunteer to either help provide medical care or hand out food and cloths.
One the biggest arguments against healthcare for
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The shelters main goal is to help men overcome their medical disabilities and recover from their criminal records to find jobs and help them continue with their lives. The house like other homeless shelters are having troubles with funding due to federal grants getting smaller from budget cuts. “When communities criminalize homelessness, people end up going to jail for sleeping or urinating in public places, Suchar said. They remain homeless, because it 's harder to get a job with a criminal record, and the community spends more money on jails and emergency room visits, he added. While HUD hasn 't released how it graded the individual programs, several cities with policies that criminalize homelessness experienced cuts.” (Bussewitz 2016) Because of budget cuts it makes shelters either must close or take in less which makes it worse for the homeless since the point of the shelters are to provide shelter and food for the homeless and help them get back on their feet but it’s difficult to do that when the shelters can’t afford to do …show more content…
With that growing number of homeless people there needs to be a plan on how to accommodate them so that they are still being taken care of because the homeless are the ones who are most affected by physical and mental illnesses. According to David Maness “Homeless persons are more likely to become ill, have greater hospitalization rates, and are more likely to die at a younger age than the general population” (Maness 2014). Some of the biggest illnesses the homeless face is cardiovascular disease, mental illness, substance abuse, traumatic brain injury, and skin and foot problems (lice and athletes foot) are things they face and need help getting

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