The Dangers Of Police Body Cameras Vs. Privacy

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A young African American named Michael Brown was shot dead by police officers in Ferguson, Missouri. A lot of African Americans were mad at police officers and were protesting and wanted justice. This brought police body cams because they didn’t had any clear evidence of what really happened that day. Also the officer that shot him said that he had a gun and people were saying that he didn’t had anything and had his hands up. That is why police body cameras should be used by officers around the states of America to have evidence and to see of what actually happened.
Police body cameras can be the next big thing to help and protect officers and get the accused criminals. Although opponents say that police body cameras can invade privacy it does not because it is a way that officers can get evidence of what happened that day and it can help in court cases if an officer is being accused of something they didn’t do or if the officer did something wrong that he did not supposed to do. Police body cameras can also get evidence if the police officer is doing his or her job well. It can also help in having evidence like for example, if they had a gun or his hands were up etc. these body cameras will make a difference in that and get the accused person. Police body cameras can help out in other problems like in car
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When they record their day of what they did these cameras can help them behave better because they will be more cautious of what they are doing. German Lopez states that having these body cameras have reduced the amount of use of force by 60 percent and the citizen complains by 88 percent. These cameras cost around $200 or $1000 dollars but it will be worth money when these cameras help out the officers and others. The states need to have body cameras especially in the states where there 's a lot of violence and

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