Why Police Officers Should Wear Body Cameras Essay

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Ashley Rankin
ENG122: English Composition II
Instructor Matthew Norsworthy
November 27, 2016 Why Police Officers Should Wear Body Cameras Should police wear body cameras? This is a question that has been bounced around for years. Although there are several pros and cons to this subject, the pros most definitely out weigh the cons. Over the past decade due to social media and increasing racial and societal tensions, more and more pressure has been placed on police officers to wear body cameras to document their daily interactions. While this is certainly a complex issue it seems to make the most sense that officers should wear body cameras. Studies show that with body cameras in place there
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To ease the minds of those that might think like that; the body cameras come equipped with a system that shows when or if the camera itself has been tampered with by setting off an alarm (Mateescua, A. 2016). This data brings to light that the officers have no decision making when it comes what the camera is recording. This process should help officers maintain orderly behavior no matter who they are having to deal with. Body worn cameras have gained public widespread support because the footage can exonerate officers of false accusations (Gass, 2015). He brings up the question as to whether a police officer should be aloud to review the footage before being making a report. This however could be contradictory if the officer does not tell or report the whole story. Without clear limits, body worn cameras may become just another tool for law enforcement rather than a mechanism for police accountability. Several studies on police body cameras have encouraging …show more content…
So conceptually there should be no disagreement as to whether officers should or should not wear these body cameras. Thee body cameras should be a routine part of policing that citizens will just expect and demand. So it after looking at the pros and cons of body cameras it has become very apparent that the pros outweigh the cons. These cameras have the potential to improve law enforcement

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