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  • The Benefits Of The Internet

    The U.S is the known as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, yet the U.S has one of the slowest and most expensive internet speeds. Japan, whose internet bandwidth averages 81 Megabytes per second (MBPS) is very cheap at $0.40 per MBPS compared to the pricey and slow internet speeds of the U.S at 15 MBPS for $5.66 per MBPS. That is almost six times slower and 14 times more expensive than Japan. There are many possible solutions ranging from expensive options such as Google Fiber, Sony ‘Nuro’, Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), and inexpensive options like local service providers contributing to the increase in internet bandwidth. Many people grew up with either dial up connection or satellite connection. Having said this,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Internet Service Providers

    these claims seem awesome, they also have down sides. Most internet service providers offer payment tiers to their subscribers. Payment tiers are multiple levels of service a costumer can purchase, so for example someone who just wants to web browse are able to pay for a lower bandwidth (speed of the service), while someone who want to play online videogames will have the option to pay more for a higher bandwidth. Internet service provider’s argument is with total net neutrality, this payment…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

    signals to occupy a transmission channel and optimizing the use of available bandwidth. Therefore, the receiver separates the signals from the users by cross correlation of the received signal with each of the user unique code sequences. If the code sequence is designed to have a small cross correlation, it can minimize the crosstalk inherent. There is a spreading signal in code-division multiple access (CDMA) systems…

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  • Wi-Fi Has An Important Role In Wireless Networks

    an important role with connecting users to the digital world. While it remains as the most popular technology for networking, it is crucial to understand the limit of certain wireless protocols and how it works in different situations. The most recent Wi-Fi protocol that this report will focus on is, 802.11ac, also known to be the next generation for wireless networks to be equipped with new technologies that could provide faster speeds, capacity, and range. The predecessor, 802.11n, wireless…

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  • Inglehart's Argument Analysis

    Firstly, Inglehart’s (1971) scarcity hypothesis claims that people tend to focus on materialistic values during times of scarcity (p. 216). As we learned in this course, we have a limited mental bandwidth and if scarcity depletes all this limited capacity, there is no mental bandwidth left. As Good’s (2007) findings revealed, people with materialistic values were both heavier TV viewers and more apathetic to the natural environmental problems. If some form of scarcity was to blame, participant’s…

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  • Analysis Of UWB Communication Systems

    between two elements of antennas is 0.270 at 3.1GHz for the UWB operation. To enhance isolation and increase bandwidth impedance, fork shaped stub added in the ground plane of the antenna. Due to interference of WIMAX (3.3-3.7 GHZ) and WLAN (5.2-5.8 GHz) on UWB dual band notch function is perform. For achieving the dual band notch characteristics, trekking slot cut in the patch with feed and C- shaped strip are placed adjacently to the feed line of the antenna. Due to fork shaped stub in…

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  • Follo Paragraph Explanation For Cyberbullying People

    you are at on the internet before you get to comptable. After you take a look around the place you are at on the internet and feel safe then go on from there. Never go on a website that makes you feel not safe or comfortable because if you do then you most likely shouldn't be on that website. Always be safe and smart on the internet also know where and what you are doing. 4. Core Rule: rule #4, Respect other people's time and bandwidth. Paragraph explanation: For this rule it told me that…

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  • Which Of The Following Is Not A Characteristic Of Intranets?

    known. a) VoIP b) Wikis c) WiMAX d) All of the above 45. __________ shows the power of the individual in the connected age—a better research tool than major corporations had in the 1990s. a) Facebook b) Google c) Microsoft d) eBay True/False 46. Transmission of a signal over a series of networks is made possible by switches and routers, which are hardware devices, and nodes on the network. 47. The distinguishing characteristic of packet switching is that once a…

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  • ARP And The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

    environment # ~/ -- to execute our script # 1>~/script_Q2_cron.log -- to log STANDARD OUTPUT # 2>~/script_Q2_cron.err -- to log STANDARD ERROR The config file as an input to be read by the script is defined as: (config.txt) partition=/ thresholdVal=50 intrusionCount=4 BandwidthThreshhold=80 Explanation: Here, if disk usage has exceeded the given threshold value then the partition defines the disk partition to check for disk usage for the given threshold value. If a user…

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  • Advantages Of A Home Area Network

    signals to be bore by a telephone line.Therefore a modem acts as an interface between a computer and a telephone line. Router: A router conducted in home area networks is known as SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Router. It has common components which make it conducted device in home networking. additionally if SOHO Router is configured carefully for the time being setup, it can accumulate a home network from being slashed by intruders. DSL Access: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet…

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