The Benefits Of The Internet

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The U.S is the known as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, yet the U.S has one of the slowest and most expensive internet speeds. Japan, whose internet bandwidth averages 81 Megabytes per second (MBPS) is very cheap at $0.40 per MBPS compared to the pricey and slow internet speeds of the U.S at 15 MBPS for $5.66 per MBPS. That is almost six times slower and 14 times more expensive than Japan. There are many possible solutions ranging from expensive options such as Google Fiber, Sony ‘Nuro’, Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), and inexpensive options like local service providers contributing to the increase in internet bandwidth.
Many people grew up with either dial up connection or satellite connection. Having said this,
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They are offering speeds up to 1,000 MBPS which is roughly 100 times faster than the average internet speed in the U.S according to Google (A Different Kind of Internet and TV 1). While implementing the internet bandwidth increase, Google is also serving as a TV service provider working with major companies. With local companies offering internet bandwidth speeds up to 100 MBPS (Mediacom) at prices starting from $100, the speed of Google Fiber is unmatched in the U.S., and the price for Google Fiber is $70. However, Google Fiber is only available to major cities in the U.S., such as Kansas City, Austin, and Provo. Google is adding fiber to six new cities and is considering 11 more possible cities as well. Google fiber is cheaper than the standard internet services given to many cities in the U.S and offers up to 10x the …show more content…
A local service provider in Eldridge is Central Scott Telephone (CST). CST offer speed plans up to 300 MBPS (Central Scott). Nonlocal companies such as Mediacom may offer speeds up to 150 MBPS. So fiber is still achievable outside of Google’s option; the local company is just the more expensive option. Reason being that the fiber is being replaced to the desired location and not the town or city like Google Fiber. This means that they have to specifically wire the fiber to your house and not the the city in general. This then charges a fee to everyone who desires fiber for a much lower cost since the city is already finished. With that being said, if many of the service providers were to work together and replace the metallic transducer with that of fiber, then the speed would increase significantly to that of fiber, or close to, while offering these companies with more reputation and income as fiber is a highly sought after product and can increase business which earns more money in return. However, many of these companies will not work together to achieve more desirable goals as they are in competition or business line and this could jeopardize their income if one side were to gain more reputation than another. The service company either has your business or not, so having the fastest in the city is rather pointless, especially since they may lose money and business in the future. In

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