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  • WAN And LAN Network Analysis

    These routers are often multi-function devices, and can serve as gateways and hardware firewalls in addition to the routing. Therefore the best practice would be to invest in routers that can fill all of these roles. Switches are devices without a lot of software built in, that are primarily used to expand the number of Ethernet ports available on a company network. Switches merely route data down paths pre-assigned by the router for incoming data, or simply forward data to the router when it comes to data leaving computers headed outward. While many home networks have routers filling some of this role as well, in a business environment it is fine to have a router that only has a single inward facing Ethernet cable, which goes to a switch, that allows for more Ethernet cables to be sent onward to company computers, and in this case, point of sale…

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  • Seven Habits Analysis

    The Seven Habits Profile was an eye-opening inventory. The two categories where I scored the highest were category 6, Think Win-Win, and category 17, Sharpen the Saw. These two categories make a lot of sense to me based on my personality. While many people do not value astronomy as a valid science, I have always found that I live up to the description of being a Libra. I am always seeking out balance and harmony with others. I believe this is why I scored a 15 in the Think Win-Win category. In…

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  • Advantages Of A Home Area Network

    connection can lone hold single Public IP Address and allot this public IP addressto a modem or a router, while a modem or a router in turn allots a private IP address to each device to approach the internet. Average people are screwing to their home computers for dual work and recreation. Numerous industries even encourage aids to work from home. While allotting numerous benefits, this commencesadjoining hazards. Companies assume it is time that greater concern is assigned to home network…

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  • Activity 15.1 Essay

    PORTFOLIO #3 Activity 15.1: Comma Category 1 with Single Words 1. Surely, no one would be that foolish. 2. Next, Graham decided to read a magazine. 3. Yes, we are coming to the Christmas party. 4. Finally, Jamie showed up. 5. Limping, Caity slowly crossed the room to the kitchen table. 6. Unconcerned, Jay left the mess for later. 7. Create three of your own sentences: a. Yes, he is sleeping over today. b. However, Jackie still helped the old lady. c. Screaming, Hailey woke up from her…

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  • The Importance Of Identity Formation For Children

    Appendix 4 Category Analysis Form 1 P|C|R|I|Participant: Annie|Age:8|Sex: Female| ||||I like doing Harry Potter Lego, I’ve completed the night busI love rabbits, guinea pigs and dogsI think one of my hobbies is using the TV remote controlI’m really good at maths but get stuck on telling the timeI’m not very good at rememberingI like doing things out of my own free will| 3|3|0|0|column totals|Overall total = 6| 50|50|0|0|Percentages(column total / overall total x 100)| Category Analysis…

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  • Social Media Categories Analysis

    Bruner (1957) suggested four stages of how we categorize new stimuli into already learned categories. Primitive categorization being the first stage. Whereby we perceptually isolate an event or persons characteristic qualities with focus on the analysis of features. Secondly we search for cue in already existing categories that contain similar features, if there is a match then there is a ‘feature overlap’. Inferences are made if there is enough of a feature overlap. Comparable to reaching a…

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  • National Junior Honor Society Essay

    National Junior Honors Society is a society for kids who exceed in the four categories: leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Being in NJHS would be an amazing opportunity that I hope I can be a part of. I believe that I excell in all of the four categories in many different ways and I am definitely someone that you should consider for the part. One of the categories is leadership and I feel that I am a very good leader that would be great for NJHS. For example, I play competitive…

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  • 7 Relationship Deadly Sins Analysis

    makes the other person uneasy can cause you to feel repressed. For instance, if you like jogging, but you stop because it makes the other person feel jealous. Another example of this is not getting time alone because it makes the other person insecure. You should always feel free to be yourself. An expression of love is to permit the other person to do what they love. A homebody is content at home, a social butterfly is delighted socializing with others, an active person is ecstatic when…

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  • The Federal Budget Analysis

    a fundamental sense, the federal government is what it spends. Through the budget, the government assists millions of families in meeting basic expenses and provides a financial safety net for the sick, elderly, and other dependent persons” (Professor Allen Schick, “The Federal Budget: Politics, Policy, Processes,” 2007) The Federal Budget of the United States is decided upon by both the President and Congress through a discussion process that often leaves the two parties split on controversial…

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  • Student Leadership Practices Inventory

    five people responded for a 83.3% return. I was quite surprised by the answers from the observers. I found that I rated myself lower than the observers in all five of the categories. I am not sure if this…

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