7 Relationship Deadly Sins Analysis

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How to save your relationship
7 Relationship deadly sins
Communication, Sex, Money, Not prioritizing relationship, Conflict, Trust, Expectations (Struggle home chores)

Who should read this book? Anyone who had relationship problems knows someone who is having issues with a significant person in their lives or if you are trying to avoid present or future problems with someone, you want to keep in your life. My inspiration to write this book was my own failure to get closure in past relationships due to the lack of understanding of what went wrong. By understanding the main causes, I have been able to avert emotionally scaring situations in my own life and the life of others. There is a great benefit to listen to the advice provided in this short book and to pay close attention to each situation because this can be you.

The 7 relationship deadly sins are a comprehensive article that can aid you to
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Being in a relationship where you do not want to do the things that once made you happy is very restrictive. Behaving in a manner that is not consistent with yourself should not to be confused with not having the time to do the things that make you happy. Not doing activities that bring you fulfillment because it makes the other person uneasy can cause you to feel repressed. For instance, if you like jogging, but you stop because it makes the other person feel jealous. Another example of this is not getting time alone because it makes the other person insecure. You should always feel free to be yourself. An expression of love is to permit the other person to do what they love. A homebody is content at home, a social butterfly is delighted socializing with others, an active person is ecstatic when moving around, and a nature lover is overjoyed outdoors. It is important to accept one another the way they are and make your peace with it. Trying to keep a person from doing what they love is the same as crushes their

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