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  • Maroon 5 Thesis

    Maroon 5 Maroon 5 is a punk rock band that originated in Los Angeles. It has 6 band members, Adam Levine, James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, PJ Morton, Matt Flynn, and Mickey Madden. Ryan Dusick was the original percussionist, due to some injures on tour, he left Maroon 5 and went and bought his 1.199 million dollar house where he currently stays. But Maroon 5 was not always Maroon 5. They were once known as Kara’s Flowers back when they were high schoolers. Once they released their CD, it only sold roughly 4 to 5 thousand copies. So once they were dropped by their record deal, where they had gotten from gigs in their hometown. They decided to quit the band and go to college. Adam and Jesse went to Five Towns College in New York and Ryan and Mickey went to UCLA in their hometown. The band members back then where only Adam, Jesse, Ryan, and Mickey. They just recently added James, Ryan, and PJ. Maroon 5 has been around much, much longer longer than since they became popular. They 1st became Maroon 5 in 1994. They blew up in the early 2000’s and won their first grammy for best new artists in 2004. Then best pop performance by a duo or group with vocal in 2005 with “This love”. And best pop performance by a duo or group with vocal again in 2007 with “Makes me wonder”. And came out with their albums “Songs about Jane”, “It won’t be soon before long”, and 1 single called “Pure imagination”.…

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  • 7 Relationship Deadly Sins Analysis

    makes the other person uneasy can cause you to feel repressed. For instance, if you like jogging, but you stop because it makes the other person feel jealous. Another example of this is not getting time alone because it makes the other person insecure. You should always feel free to be yourself. An expression of love is to permit the other person to do what they love. A homebody is content at home, a social butterfly is delighted socializing with others, an active person is ecstatic when…

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  • Michael Jackson: King Of Pop

    So on January 27, 1984 his donations were recognized when Ronal Reagan awarded Michael Jackson with a medal. This medal was for all the money that Michael Jackson would donate to charities. Usually Michael Jackson would give 3 to 5 million dollars to charity. Michael Jackson would usually give some of the profits he made from his singles or albums to charities. Even though Michael Jackson loved to give back to the ones in need he loved his mansion. The mansion was located in Los Olivos and it…

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  • Michael Jackson Biography Essay

    to start a band, not for the boy 's enjoyment, but for the enjoyment, he would get the money afterward. The family never thought to realize that their own living room would be the start of a new band. In 1964, their father discovered each child’s talent starting with Tito. When Tito was playing his father 's guitar, the string broke unexpectedly. Instead of his father punishing him, Joseph saw his went talent and bought Tito his own guitar. While Tito played the guitar, he also wanted to sing…

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  • Michael Jackson Research Paper

    Everybody knows Michael Jackson as the king of pop. His family sung in a group known as the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 was a group of young boys who sang and danced on stage. Jackson 5 stars 5 brothers who which one of them became a very famous singer with amazing dance moves. He was Michael Jackson. (Pratt, Mary) Michael Jackson had been known as the star of the Jackson 5. He was acknowledged for his beautiful voice and stunning dance moves. He struggled to go solo trying to prove he didn’t need…

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  • Alyssia's Poem Analysis

    I just want to pass this class so I can have it on my transcript for my college application, I know you are a smarter than me but I know you will help me right?" Alyssia gave her a confused and said, "Um.. Sure I guess. I am not that great but I am alright." "Open to page number 5 in your cahiers [workbook]", said Madame Moreau. "We are going to over your homework." Alyssia opens her books then looks over and notices that Kelsey did not even attempt at doing the exercise. "This exercise made no…

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  • Culture And Culture: Black Or White, By Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson is a well-known artist and dancer around the world. Michael started his music career at a young age along with his siblings and father who played a mentor like role throughout his start of his music career. Michael Jackson talent was noticed as soon as his career took off, with his recognized talent Michael Jackson and the Jacksons became very famous. It wasn’t just Michael who was noticed at that time but his siblings as well they all pursued their own successful career paths,…

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  • The 70´s Dating In The 70's

    When people think about moments or people the defines 1970’s they think of music, hippies, Vietnam war, and the war on peace. Ultimately we begin to see bright colors, peace movements and new music such as rock, punk rock and disco and music artists such as The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson and Jackson 5. All in which were, and still are huge icons in the music industry. According to Classic70’s.com this type of “feel good” music inspired people to have parties that revolved around people…

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  • Stereotypes In Dr. Cliff Huxtable

    Dr Cliff Huxtable became a popular name in the early 1980s as the character on a television sitcom, The Cosby Show. The show was the first of its kind and showed that not all black homes were broken and unstable. The man behind the character was Bill Cosby; a comedian, entrepreneur, beloved mentor and actor. Cosby slowly began shedding this image when in 2005; sexual assault allegations were made against him. A civil lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand in 2005, along with a detailed account of how…

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  • The LGBTQ + Movement

    I wonder if these activists run into the same problem I do, that they fear offending and misunderstanding a culture different then their own. Perhaps people are simply trying to “stay in their own lane.” When I make these observations, it is not an attempt to lambast any particular groups. Within the LGBTQ+ movement, there has been an increased attempt to welcome people who look like me, speak the same language as me, listen to the same music, and watch the same movies. Discussions have…

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