National Junior Honor Society Essay

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National Junior Honors Society is a society for kids who exceed in the four categories: leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Being in NJHS would be an amazing opportunity that I hope I can be a part of. I believe that I excell in all of the four categories in many different ways and I am definitely someone that you should consider for the part. One of the categories is leadership and I feel that I am a very good leader that would be great for NJHS. For example, I play competitive soccer for Real Colorado and I have been the captain of my team for 2 years in a row. As captains we lead the team every practice and every game in warm ups and in the drills. As captain my team was not a state tournament 2 years in a row and now we are continuing on to regionals this summer and hopefully nationals. As captain I think that it is an amazing thing to have lead my team to 2 state championships and now to regionals. My coach picked me to be captain because I have a spectacular work ethic, I am very outgoing and caring, and I am willing to do anything for my teammates. Also I play basketball for Rock Canyon Gold Crown and played for the Rocky Heights A team. I am very encouraging and treat everyone of my peers with great …show more content…
I always obey my parents and teachers and do what they say and never talk back. I get along with everyone around me and never start fights. I always turn all my work in on time and sometimes early. My work is always done very good and neatly, I take my time on everything and always complete it on time. I also go to Cherry Hills Community Church almost every sunday and spend time worshipping god. I also go to camp timberline every year in Estes Park which is a week long overnight camp, while I am there I am away from my parents and have to be responsible and respectful to the counselors and my cabin

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