National Junior Honor Society Reflection

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Back in middle school, I was a part of National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). We were the largest class to be inducted into NJHS. Being such a large class meant we would have to raise a lot of money if we expected to reach our goal. Our goal was to raise enough money for our trip to the Lead Conference at Washington, D.C. Only one NJHS chapter before us had raised enough money to go all the way to Washington, D.C. We were determined to reach that same goal, but things don't always go as planned. As a member of NJHS, it was clear to me that it was my responsibility to maintain the 90 and above minimum grade requirement placed by NJHS membership. To me this minimum requirement was the least of my worries, but for some members it was more than a worry. On the first grade check, about 12 of our members were placed on probation due to low grades. Our NJHS advisers worked with those on probation while the rest of us worked on our fundraisers. We were working towards a common goal, so things were moving smoothly those first …show more content…
We really needed those new members. They brought with them a positive attitude to the whole situation. I could see then we were giving in too easily, but that did not mean we could make miracles happen. I’d love to say, “And with their help we raised enough money for everyone to go to Washington D.C, and we had a blast,” but that not exactly what happened. The new members and the old members all came to the same conclusion that a trip to D.C was too expensive and in the end only a few members would be able to go with what we raised. Our options were clear, if we wanted the most number of members to go to the Lead Conference we would have to change our destination. Chicago, Illinois. The second favorite destination from the start, so it wasn’t much of downgrade. That and more members could actually afford it. So in the end I can say that we did, at least, have a

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