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  • Social Media Categories Analysis

    Bruner (1957) suggested four stages of how we categorize new stimuli into already learned categories. Primitive categorization being the first stage. Whereby we perceptually isolate an event or persons characteristic qualities with focus on the analysis of features. Secondly we search for cue in already existing categories that contain similar features, if there is a match then there is a ‘feature overlap’. Inferences are made if there is enough of a feature overlap. Comparable to reaching a threshold, then we can conclude this new stimuli is a part of/ another version of an event or person we have already encountered. Finally, there is category activation. We associate the new perceived person with the features of this category. However, due…

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  • The Importance Of Identity Formation For Children

    Appendix 4 Category Analysis Form 1 P|C|R|I|Participant: Annie|Age:8|Sex: Female| ||||I like doing Harry Potter Lego, I’ve completed the night busI love rabbits, guinea pigs and dogsI think one of my hobbies is using the TV remote controlI’m really good at maths but get stuck on telling the timeI’m not very good at rememberingI like doing things out of my own free will| 3|3|0|0|column totals|Overall total = 6| 50|50|0|0|Percentages(column total / overall total x 100)| Category Analysis…

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  • Categories Of Colorism

    In 1970, the United States government came up with the word to describe a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race. This is a word we are all familiar with when it comes to referring to this group of people. This word is “Hispanic.” At the present time, the United States Census Bureau defines race in five categories and does not specifically define Hispanic with a category of its own. The categories include: white…

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  • National Junior Honor Society Essay

    National Junior Honors Society is a society for kids who exceed in the four categories: leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Being in NJHS would be an amazing opportunity that I hope I can be a part of. I believe that I excell in all of the four categories in many different ways and I am definitely someone that you should consider for the part. One of the categories is leadership and I feel that I am a very good leader that would be great for NJHS. For example, I play competitive…

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  • Categories Of Antonyms

    ANTONYM: Definition: A word having a meaning opposite to that of another. Antonyms are of three Types. Antonym is the opposite of synonym. Adjective: antonymous. Antonym is the sense relation that exists between words which are opposite in the meaning. Antonym is most commonly found (though not exclusively) among adjectives. Categories of Antonyms There are three categories of antonyms: Graded antonyms deal with levels of the meaning of the words, like if something is not “good”, is may still…

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  • The Federal Budget Analysis

    a fundamental sense, the federal government is what it spends. Through the budget, the government assists millions of families in meeting basic expenses and provides a financial safety net for the sick, elderly, and other dependent persons” (Professor Allen Schick, “The Federal Budget: Politics, Policy, Processes,” 2007) The Federal Budget of the United States is decided upon by both the President and Congress through a discussion process that often leaves the two parties split on controversial…

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  • Student Leadership Practices Inventory

    five people responded for a 83.3% return. I was quite surprised by the answers from the observers. I found that I rated myself lower than the observers in all five of the categories. I am not sure if this…

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  • The Scale Of Effective School Discipline And Safety Analysis

    Positive Behavioral Support System (PBSS) in the area of Teachers’ Effective Classroom Management Skills. The analysis includes a scale ascending from 1-5 with “1” being excellent in regards to implementing a PBSS and a score of “5” being poor or not ready. Our analysis shows that Lacy Elementary scored an average of 2.2 in this particular section. This is an above average readiness for implantation of a new PBSS. 2.2 falls in the very good category as far as teachers feelings towards the…

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  • Hayy's Three Categories

    Hayy observes the nature and realizes that objects have different attributes but all were connected in some ways and share same features. He summarizes his observations and understandings regarding the cosmos and divides into five categories. The higher categories are more complex compare to the low categories because objects in the higher order possess the traits endowed by the lower ones. The first category is the inanimate objects in the world. They have weight, depth, and shape so he…

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  • Essay On Body Categories

    To begin, I have learned everybody fits into the three categories of body types, and some people may fit into all three categories. The categories consist of the ectomorph body type, the mesomorph body type, and finally the endomorph body type. However, I have also learned that regardless of my body type nutrition and a proper nutritional diet is essential to keeping my body healthy and functioning well. My planning a healthy food diet and eating a healthy diet as part of my life style I will…

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