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  • Banana Peel Synthesis

    Banana peels were combined with glycerol as a plasticizer and orange peel essential oil that served as an aroma to the plastic. The glycerol makes the edible film flexible and elastic. Banana peels starch were extracted by filtration, banana peels were pulverized and then pressed with a cloth. The essential oil from the orange peel was extracted. White pith from the inside of the orange peel was scraped. Peels were cut into 1-inch pieces and was heated them in 110- to 120-degree-Fahrenheit water on the stove. Peels were packed into the press and the oil was squeezed into a food container. Next is fabricating of the edible film which adds 1 tsp. of acetic acid as disinfectant, 1 tsp. of banana peel starch, with a constant amount of glycerol (1 tsp.) and 1 tsp. of orange peel essential oil. The method was repeated for three times but with different amount of starch, the second was 2 tsp., the third was 3 tsp. and the fourth was also 3 tsp. but without glycerol.…

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  • Essay On Eating Bananas

    6 super benefits of bananas, № 2 is a surprise! Do you know which the most popular fruit is? Apples? No, you’re wrong. According to most studies banana are the most consumed fruit in the USA. It shouldn’t be a surprise. Bananas are sweet, tasty and healthy. But I’m sure that you haven’t thought about what the health benefits of eating a banana are. Don’t worry. I’m going to tell you everything in details. Here I’ve prepared a list of the most awesome qualities of the bananas. I’m sure that…

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  • Banana Fertilizer Essay

    INTRODUCTION Bananas are one of the most important food crops in most of the African countries. About 75% of the farmers grow the crop on 1.3million hectares in Africa. Most of this production is for local consumption. They are amongst the most important commercial subtropical fruits grown in South Africa and are planted for sale in local markets or self-consumption and only a fraction of all bananas are sold in the world markets. The production technologies used for small scale and commercial…

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  • Comparison Of Oranges And Bananas

    Problem Out of pineapples, apples, grapes, bananas, and oranges, which makes a pinto bean seed grow taller and faster? Hypothesis My hypothesis is that the plant with the pineapple in the soil will make the plant grow better because pineapples have more acidity. My second hypothesis is that I think the plant with the banana in the soil will also grow well because bananas have high potassium percentages. Procedure I will be preforming one experiment. The items I will need are the following:…

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  • Banana Supply Chain Case Study

    given case study also results in the reconsideration of the carbon footprint of banana and introduces the main aspects of the production of this product. According to it, there are three main environmental concerns related to bananas, their distribution and usage. These concerns are the process of transportation of the product to the markets; the production and the package. These factors have the significant impact on the carbon footprint of banana and result in the increase of the awareness…

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  • Benefits Of Bananas Research Paper

    20 amazing things banana can do for hair, skin, and general health. The amazing tropical fruit ‘bananas’ apart from tasting great, they also offer a numerous benefits for overall well-being, by promoting healthy skin, reducing hair damage, and helping maintain a general wellness through multiple they can have on our health. The article walks you through different benefits of bananas on hair, skin, and general health, including how to make use of bananas to best reap the benefits they offer.…

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  • Taking A Look At The Super Banana

    SB Nutrition creators of the world’s first 3d printed Super Banana, which tailors nutritional and medicinal needs for each individual client. The Super Banana is a unique product unlike any other on the market, this in itself is both an opportunity and a threat. The Super Banana can be considered to be an opportunity due it’s unique product application. However, this is also the biggest threat to SB Nutrition. The Super Banana is set to become a product that currently has no rivals, this will…

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  • Overview Of Bananas: The Economy's Favorite Fruit

    Bananas: The Economy’s Favorite Fruit “Bananas are thought to have originated in the jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in Southeast Asia where many varieties of wild banana still grow. They were spread across Asia by travelers and brought to Africa by Arabs where they were given their present name, derived from the Arabic for finger (Fairtrade).” Bananas were first introduced to the United States in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of America where they were sold…

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  • Banana Trade Lessons

    “This shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s!” I will always remember how Gwen Stephani’s catchy tune “Hollaback Girl” finally taught me how to spell bananas. To this day I still have to sing the song to get it right, but hey, at least I learned. Learning is an essential part of life; an unknown source said it best, “if we cease to learn, we die.” This quote holds true, in that learning is imperative, as it presents us with information that can be useful when making difficult decisions. Yet, I have…

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  • Lab Experiment: The Purpose Of Banana Oil

    Khadra Hassan TA: Hannah Degraaf September 28th 2016 Banana Oil (lab report) Purpose: The purpose of this laboratory experiment was to synthesize banana oil (Isopentyl acetate) from the reaction of Acetic acid and Isopentyl alcohol by the Fischer Esterification reaction. By using the methods of refluxing, washing, drying, and simple distillation to purify the end product. When the product was isolated an IR, H NMR and boiling point were used analysis the product, the end product had a…

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