Essay On Eating Bananas

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6 super benefits of bananas, № 2 is a surprise!
Do you know which the most popular fruit is? Apples? No, you’re wrong. According to most studies banana are the most consumed fruit in the USA.
It shouldn’t be a surprise. Bananas are sweet, tasty and healthy. But I’m sure that you haven’t thought about what the health benefits of eating a banana are.
Don’t worry. I’m going to tell you everything in details.
Here I’ve prepared a list of the most awesome qualities of the bananas. I’m sure that you’ll look at this delicious yellow fruit with admiration by the end. So, grab a banana and start reading!
#1 Bananas are full of vitamins So, let’s start with the most important thing. What is the nutritional value of the banana? Or in simple words –
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Pectin is a type of fiber that delays carbohydrate digestion by slowing down the enzymes which deal with starch and sugar. Unripe bananas contain resistant starch. They are called resistant because they escape digestion and act like soluble fiber.
Both pectin and resistant starch have proven to have a positive effect on the blood sugar levels. They also reduce appetite because they slow down the emptying of your stomach.
But should you eat bananas if you have diabetes? You know that when you have type 2 diabetes, you should monitor your carbohydrate intake.
93% of the carbohydrates in bananas come for sugar (14 g), starch (6g) and fiber.
Fiber doesn’t break down to glucose and doesn’t raise your blood sugar.
But the amount of sugar and starch in a ripe banana could be too much if you are following a low-carb diet.
So, consider under-ripe bananas. We said that they contain resistant starch.
The resistant starch doesn’t have an effect on the blood sugar. Moreover, studies have shown that these resistant starches feed the good bacteria in your stomach. That leads to improved metabolism and better control of your blood sugar.
Also, resistant starches improve insulin sensitivity. What’s that?
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But the matter is controversial, and not all studies agree.
Also, it’s not clear if resistant starch would be as effective for type 1 diabetic, as they are for type 2.
So, you see why bananas could be beneficial if you have type 2 diabetes. Just be careful with the portion. The bigger and riper the banana, the more sugar it would contain.
#3 Bananas helps you lose weight
If bananas are so rich in sugar, how could they be good for weight loss? Well, the effect of bananas on your weight hasn’t been studied directly. But bananas have several properties that make them a weigh-loss friendly food.
It’s true that a banana has 105 calories, but it also has a lot of fiber. And it’s low in protein and fats.
How much fiber does a banana have? In fact, a medium-sized banana contains over 12% (3g) of the recommended daily intake of fiber. Women need around 25 g of fiber, while men should aim for 38 g. So, bananas are a good source of fiber for your diet. But why is fiber so good for weight loss?
Fiber is excellent for maintaining regular bowel habits, and it’s a good remedy for

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