Banana Peel Synthesis

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Banana peels were combined with glycerol as a plasticizer and orange peel essential oil that served as an aroma to the plastic. The glycerol makes the edible film flexible and elastic. Banana peels starch were extracted by filtration, banana peels were pulverized and then pressed with a cloth. The essential oil from the orange peel was extracted. White pith from the inside of the orange peel was scraped. Peels were cut into 1-inch pieces and was heated them in 110- to 120-degree-Fahrenheit water on the stove. Peels were packed into the press and the oil was squeezed into a food container. Next is fabricating of the edible film which adds 1 tsp. of acetic acid as disinfectant, 1 tsp. of banana peel starch, with a constant amount of glycerol (1 tsp.) and 1 tsp. of orange peel essential oil. The method was repeated for three times but with different amount of starch, the second was 2 tsp., the third was 3 tsp. and the fourth was also 3 tsp. but without glycerol. …show more content…
The edible film will have a good scent by the addition of 1 tsp. of orange peel essential oil.
Therefore, banana peels starch could be used to produce an edible film for food packaging.
Keywords: Food packaging materials, edible film, plasticizer, Banana peels starch, Orange peels essential oil
The use of conventional food packaging materials is usually effective in terms of the barrier but their non-biodegradability creates serious environmental problems such as flash floods, soil erosion, plastic pollution, harmful chemicals on landfills and water and global warming. Plastic packaging that is used every year worldwide is 40,000,000 tons and is put to one-time use and then

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