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  • Is The British Rule In Burmese Days By George Orwell

    George Orwell critiques British rule in Burma through John Flory by having Flory detest the imperial rule, yet have him also feel caught up in the riptides of the imperial movement as though he must go on with it or face being isolated from everyone else around him. In Burmese Days, when thinking about his fellow Englishmen’s culture during a conversation with Dr. Veraswami, John Flory thinks to himself, “Dull boozing witless porkers! Was it possible that they could go on week after week, year after year, repeating word for word the same evil-minded drivel, like a parody of a fifth-rate story in Blackwood’s? Would none of them ever think of anything new to say?” (33). This shows that he is disgusted with, and tired of hearing about, the British pursuits into India, and this can in turn perhaps be taken to show that he does not agree with these pursuits whatsoever. In the same section, Flory thinks, “Oh, what a place, what people! What a civilisation is this of ours- this godless civilisation founded on whisky, Blackwood’s and the ‘Bonzo’ pictures! God have mercy on us, for all of us are a part of it,” (33), which demonstrates that he realizes that what the British are doing is very godless, but as he is asking for God to have mercy on all of them, this shows that he feels caught up in the movement too because he is British himself. Flory demonstrates his loneliness later on when he thinks to himself, “But it is a corrupting thing to live one’s real life in secret. One should…

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  • The Importance Of SOF Imperatives

    As a Special Forces Soldier, we are often in positions where we are working with other nations. Our actions can cause political implications, both good and bad. It is important to conduct ourselves in a professional manner and be aware of the effects that our decisions can have. The Special Operations Forces (SOF) Imperatives are the foundation for conducting Special Operations and can serve as a guide to ensure success for our missions. In the book, The Ugly American, there are many examples of…

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  • Countdown To Annihilation: Genocide In Myanmar Case Study

    Rohingyas inhabit Rakhine State, on the border with Bangladesh. A law passed in 1982 deprived them of their right to citizenship and various outbursts of inter-communal violence between the Buddhist and Muslim communities forced them to relocate to Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) centers. According to ISCI, the conflict is rooted in politics rather than religion, and a bit of historical research is needed to grasp the reasons behind it. Rakhine – also known as Arakan – used to be an…

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