The Power Of Endurance

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Endurance is something one strives for, something that is powerful, and something painful yet rewarding. Striving for greatness through never giving up on the task at hand, no matter the challenge, is a remarkable skill. Power is channeled through endurance when one practices patience. The best rewards come to those who have endured the pain of a timeless activity. Endurance is shown not only in one 's daily routine but also as in the hobbies one participates in. Sitting high on the top-level of the white-as-just-fallen-snow shelf of its owner 's ginormous closet lays a cream-colored rectangular box with only one word inscribed on it in heavy black lettering Bloch. The outside of the cream-colored box has collected countless amounts of dust …show more content…
She no longer had to wear the normal pink ballet shoes with the pretty pink bow at the toe, the girl had upgraded to something much more rewarding. All of the girl’s hard work and long years of ballet finally paid off when her teacher told her to go out and buy this Bloch light pink satin pointe shoes. They signified that she was not only moving up in dance but growing up as well. They were the beginning of her teenaged years and the shoes brought comfort to her feet as well as herself.
Every dance class and competition they were on her feet, growing older with the girl with every ticking hour. No matter how hard the girl was on them, they continued to be there for her whenever she needed them. They were with the girl even when she was not at dance class, near her always as a sense of security like a childhood blanket. When the shiny new pink color of the shoe started to disappear, the little girl loved them more. They were not only a pair of pointe shoes but a new, wanted best friend of the
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They lay as a reminder that hard work pays off in the end and what one thinks she can not endure one might be surprised at what actually one can accomplish in their life whether it be years long or shorter than. Bruised and beaten until they longer had no use left in them, they were then shelved way up on the highest shelf, stored away on such a high pedestal to showcase I’m-broken-and-bruised-even beat-but-not-weak. Once a perfect light pink color was now a discolored, run down color of dirt and

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