Paragraph About Fortitude

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Fortitude developed over time into a word of the vanishing past. Rarely do people use this word in everyday conversation because not everyone understands the meaning. This word does not apply to just anybody. Fortitude applies to the special people who stand up in the face of adversity. A person with this quality often displays their resilience. Experiences someone has shape a person with fortitude. People who have life handed to them on a silver platter never develop the qualities of someone who courageously fights their problems. More often than not, the bravest among us have the hardest battles to fight. Fortitude, above all other forms of bravery, shines from within people who demonstrate their strong backbone during times of true crisis …show more content…
What someone considers a great feat of courage, another person may not. There must be some type of distinguishing factor of an act of fortitude versus an act of confidence. Fortitude, being an old word, used to mainly apply to great battles. People could picture a noble knight riding on his trusty steed into battle, gallantly swinging his sword in the name of his homeland. This knight had the great quality of fortitude, since his nature involves honest bravery. In modern times, chalking fortitude up to a knight riding into battle simply does not work. As the times changed, fortitude gained a more complex meaning. Average members of society demonstrated constant courage in the face of adversity. Fortitude is a quality of a person, not necessarily someone well known. The word serves as a compliment and should not be tossed around casually. Fortitude, in terms of the amount of bravery, exceeds other trivial acts of selflessness. For example, a kid standing up to a bully does not automatically mean the kid displays fortitude because the act pales in comparison to true adversity in the face of large scale problems. Bravery does not equal fortitude in all cases. Fortitude, the ultimate form of courage, comes out in those who always fight their demons. From the perspective of most people, the difference between mere courage and fortitude is hardly distinguishable. Experiences shape fortitude, but the people themselves do as well. No matter how many situations a cop deals with, without the initial energy of wanting to save lives, the cop will not display ultimate fortitude because fortitude represents the true quality of a person. Anyone can put on a show of bravery. Fortitude implies something a bit more

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