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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Giorgio Armani

    Giorgio Armani is a famous Italian Fashion house that is into designing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing. Giorgio Armani is a high-end label who specializes in men’s and women’s wear, accessories, glasses, cosmetics and perfumes. Armani is a well-known and the fastest growing brand in the fashion industry. Among the most products, Armani jeans is quiet popular. The Armani exchange is a leading clothing company and it has partnered with the lead player Cristiano Ronaldo to promote their product. This paper aims to show that the Armani advertisement uses role reversal to represent male metro-sexuality and power dynamics to sell their product. To advertise the product, Armani uses multiple channels television commercials, magazines, online promotions and many other product selling techniques. It is never to be forgotten that an “Ads ideologically loaded representations of gender and power derive as much from what they conceal as what they make visible” (Goldman, 1992, p 123). The Armani jeans advertisement showcases the lead player Cristiano Ronaldo, where the opening scene starts with a maid cleaning the room and Cristiano comes out of shower and is dressing up, while she is watching him from the other room. He puts on his jeans and is busy searching for his shirt, on the other side the maid is cleaning and admiring him. She finds his shirt and intentionally hides it under the couch, so as to gaze at him for longer. Ads attempt to replicate the ideology of what…

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  • Disabilities In Education

    My internship is at Middletown High School south. I’m interning with the school social workers, on the child study team. The population that is served is students grade nine to twelve, with disabilities. Public schools are required by law to develop a process for identifying students with disabilities. The child study team works as a case managers to students with disabilities, that including students with learning disabilities. The students are tested, and placed in the appropriate setting,…

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  • Reflection On Practicum

    Yatri Domadia Practicum – Fall 2015 Reflection - 9/16 and 9/23 I am currently doing my practicum at The Growing Tree in one of the PreK 3 classrooms. My co-operating teacher is Mrs. Naomi and TA is Ms. Diana, Room # 6. Wednesday 9/9 On the very first day of the practicum, school was yet to start officially for children. However, there was a workshop for the teachers to attend, but the director of the school…

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  • My Observation Of Effective Communication In The Classroom

    Although I have not been able to attend Lafayette Academy much, I have observed a magnificent teacher. Ms. Robinson teaches 1st grade an engages each child in every one of her lessons. She takes the time to work with each student and seems to have a good relationship with each child’s families. For example, if one student is off task and not completing the lesson she encourages them by saying “If I should that to your mom would she be happy?” She engages the students with her tone of voice…

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  • Messi Persuasive Speech

    the world of football, Messi is a treasure because he is role model for children around the world. Messi will be the player to win the most Ballons d’Or in history. He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He’s in a different league." Mario Gomez- “I am not crazy enough to compare myself with Messi because he is the best there ever was and the best there will ever be." AC Milan chief Adriano Galliani - "Messi is the best player ever. And this is said by someone who has seen Maradona…

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo And Messi Similarities

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two best players around. They are both always the top two contesters for the Ballon d'Or, which is the most significant individual trophy in the soccer world. Every year, each player out performs the other one breaking records and creating history. Both players hold a prestigious name in soccer internationally, creating a respect for the game that takes a special individual to understand. While both athletes are considerably similar, there remain many…

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Messi Research Paper

    opportunities as well. Yet, when Cristiano Ronaldo switched to “La Liga,” the league Messi always played in, Ronaldo’s goal scoring record has always been better than Lionel Messi. Since Ronaldo moved to Spain, Messi has been scoring at a rate of 1.01 while Ronaldo edging out the Barcelona striker with a scoring rate of 1.05. This fact clearly indicates that Cristiano Ronaldo is unstoppable from anywhere on the pitch. Be it from “Midfield” or from the “Wings,” Cristiano Ronaldo will score.…

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  • Lionel Messi Research Paper

    In Lionel Messi his background was a armature Argentinean who got rejected by the local team and out of nowhere playing in one of the biggest team in the world. A lot of people criticized Messi because of his size but when he got the ball all of those criticisms went out of the window. For example, people of Barcelona thought that because of his size he was useless but after a couple of years his skills improved and that so call useless player turned out to be one of the best players in the…

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  • I Think Therefore I Play: Andrea Pirlo The Player

    2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups, and the2009, and the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cups, finishing third in the 2013 edition in Brazil, where he was elected part of the Team of the Tournament. With Milan, he won two UEFA Champions Leagues (2003 and2007), two European Super Cups (2003 and 2007), two Serie Atitles (2004 and 2011), a FIFA Club World Cup (2007), and aCoppa Italia (2003). After joining Juventus in 2011, he added three more Serie A titles in 2012, 2013 and 2014. He came in third, second and…

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  • Abby Wambach Role Model

    She would encourage others while displaying the proper attitude or actions herself. She never gave up and was a supportive player and friend to her teammates. Her biggest role as a leader came when the older players started to leave and the new players like Sydney Leroux and Christen Press came in. When they came she was there to answer questions and help the young players feel more at home with the team. As she stated “The key to leadership is you have to have complete security with yourself.…

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