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  • Personal Narrative-American Football

    At first, It was my team and I just sitting in our little locker room. We were banging on the lockers as hard our hands could handle. Then the music started playing. “BOOM! HERE COMES THE BOOM, I DON’T REALLY WANT IT NOW.” Then, we sprinted out of the locker rooms at full speed. The team was so intimidated by our appearance. We were screaming and yelling chants to get our team and the crowd fired up. Then, it was kickoff time. My buddy Shawn got the ball on kickoff and ran it back to the 50 yardline. We knew the game was going to be a blow out. It was then that Bryce Thoman ran the ball in for a touchdown. He ran down the field so fast I could feel the wind. Then the bright shiny scoreboard lit up with a score of 7-0 after the extra point. Later, the score was 28-28 with 30 seconds left in the game. The opposing team had the ball. We were so nervous. If we didn’t pull this game of we would be done our season and we also wouldn’t be going to the championship. I knew what I had to do. I stepped in as linebacker right before they snapped the ball. The play was in action. The quarterback had nobody open so he ran himself. He dashed past just about my whole team. Finally it was just me and him. Before he tried to do a little juke move on me I went right up to him and slammed my body into him. He collapsed in a matter of seconds but I was still standing like an enormous oak tree. I knew he wasn’t getting up after that hit because he started crying. That's when the whole…

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  • The Sport Of Speedball Is A Sport

    Speedball is a game we played by combining, three sports soccer, football, and basketball. The game starts by putting the ball on the middle of the football field. Both teams have to be in position on their own side of the football field or with the position of soccer ball The ball has to be kicked forward to start the game. Speedball is played by the position of the ball whether the ball is on the ground or a ball is in the air. When the ball is on the ground, it can only be played like a…

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  • Personal Narrative-Changing Experience In American Football

    started walking and I was really getting nervous. I knew I was going to play a lot of the game because one of our players was sick. Feeling confident, we stepped onto the field. The turf was much different than I expected. It had rubber on it. It felt really soft and felt like you could run 10 times faster. The first thing we do before a game is warm up. I was the long snapper for our team, so first I was long snapping to my punter. I already noticed it was much easier to do movements on the…

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  • Dead Ball Rule In Football

    resemble rugby instead of football where downed players would be wrestled for control of the ball. Rules in activity system also in some cases provide fairness and safety. Consider a runner in football who has made it to the end zone for a touchdown. Without the dead ball rule the play would still be active and we would be open to player tackling him with a twenty yard head start, this would be a very dangerous situation and would create inherent risk to runners who scored touchdowns. The word…

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  • The Importance Of Football: Why Everyone Should Play Football

    we rush to the ball we have practiced this every practice Down, set, hut the quarterback in the pocket rolling now wide receiver is open waving his hand now you launch it to the end zone. 3, 2 1, Touchdown now you have a choice go for 2 and win or kick a field goal just to tie it. The team decides to go for two. the energy is running right through you just one more play. you are called for the ball it's an outside run. the ball is snapped you fake it to the running back and you start out in a…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Quarterback

    We all know that we live in a world, where opportunities are never given, but instead they are taken. The bucs have been on the wrong end of success this season. A team that was once labeled the dark horse of the NFC, Quickly became the laughing stock of the NFL. At least the browns are expected to be losers. The 49ers were expected to have setbacks. The buccaneers had expectations as well, they were expected to turn heads, not have them turn away. At a dismal record of 2-6, our starting…

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  • Strength And Weaknesses In Football

    PE Coursework Strengths The sport I have chosen is football. One of my main strengths (components of fitness) in football is my speed. The definition of speed is the ability to move quickly across the ground or moving limbs rapidly to grab or throw. In football, you use your speed for e.g; When you’re attacking and you are dribbling past a defender, you can use bursts of speed to blow past him. This means I get closer to the goal and have a better chance of scoring for me and my team. Also,…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Cornerback

    Creeping up to the line of scrimmage, as a cornerback, my mind was trying to figure out what the quarterback was going to do with the ball. I got into a defensive stance, into a mid squat, and I was on the balls of my feet with my left leg in front and my right leg right behind my left. My arms were in running form, with my right arm in front. I was waiting for the ball to be snapped. HIKE! The ball was snapped from the center to the quarterback. In front of me were the offensive linemen with…

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  • Nfl End Zone Replay Camera Analysis

    New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been a strong proponent of an NFL end-zone replay camera. As of now, there is no end-zone replay camera, rather there is only a sideline camera. Although the sideline camera gives replay officials a decent perspective of the football play being reviewed, the sideline replay camera is not always perfectly reliable and sometimes the replay officials make the incorrect call. Belichick believes that if there was an end-zone replay camera as well as…

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  • Personal Narrative: Mason At The Theater

    "Mason are you here for therapy?" requested Dr. Stiner, as he casually moved towards Mason, who was in the shadow of building half way into the night. The moon was high in the sky, creating small shadows in which Mason hid. Mason only nodded in response. "Follow me towards the movie theater," uttered Dr. Stiner. He proceeded to jaunt towards the theater with Mason close behind. The way Mason paced himself only made it seem like he was having a struggle keeping up with the doctor. The walk lasted…

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