The Importance Of Football: Why Everyone Should Play Football

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Why should we all play football

Your down by 7 you're at the 25 yard line the play comes in its twins right deep slants on one.
You rush to the ball Down, Set, Hut you drop for a pass 5 seconds left you see the blitz you're running now you're wide receiver is open he's waving his hand now you launch it to him in the endzone and he jumps up for it and the pass is. Ladies and gents this is football.

Football why do we love football maybe it's the thrill of the 70 yard run for a touchdown. or maybe it's the energy of watching the linebacker stuff the running back for a 15 yard loss. In my essay i'm going to tell you my opinion on how everyone should like the game football.

In the fall Football season starts. you have practice for about three weeks in advance before your first game. in those three weeks you get your team ready. You condition run drills work on footwork and run through plays. after all of that hard and long three weeks it's finally gameday. Game day the day that you have been waiting for. Your
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we rush to the ball we have practiced this every practice Down, set, hut the quarterback in the pocket rolling now wide receiver is open waving his hand now you launch it to the end zone. 3, 2 1, Touchdown now you have a choice go for 2 and win or kick a field goal just to tie it. The team decides to go for two. the energy is running right through you just one more play. you are called for the ball it's an outside run. the ball is snapped you fake it to the running back and you start out in a full out sprint you have one man to beat your close to the out of bounds marker you dive to the end zone and reach your hand with the ball across the goal it's good. you have just won the football game. your team is jumping on you and the crowd is roaring the adrenaline is pumping. and that ladies and gents is why we should all like the game

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