Job satisfaction

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  • Job Satisfaction And Employee Satisfaction

    the job satisfaction reflects employees’ turnover. Most people in employment experience a degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their job. Job satisfaction is very important because it is directly or indirectly involved with personal and organizational well-being. For the past few years, employees’ turnover has been of great interest to researchers. Turnover intention is the employees plan to leave their jobs or to fire the employees. Turnover intention can be either voluntary or involuntary. In voluntary turnover, employee leaves the organization willingly. Voluntary turnover occurs when the employees have other best opportunity or they are dissatisfied with the job. Involuntary…

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  • Job Satisfaction And Interdepentisfaction

    Job satisfaction is a broad topic or subject because satisfaction itself has so many stipulations. Job satisfaction varies from the desire to make money, get promoted, colleagues, superiors, and the job responsibilities. Robbins and Judge stated, “One definition of job satisfaction—a positive feeling about a job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics.” Individuals understand that satisfaction is limited in certain areas but it does not have to be. Human beings have to learn to be…

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  • The Importance Of Job Satisfaction

    Job satisfaction topic has been researched by many researchers previously. According to Stephen P. Robbins (2005) Job satisfaction is attitude of an employee towards work according to the rewards they receive from work and rewards they believe they should get from the work. Positive attitude towards work shows job satisfaction and negative attitude towards work shows job dissatisfaction (Armstrong,2006). Aziri B (2011) states that efficiency and effectiveness of an employee depends on job…

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  • Commitment And Job Satisfaction

    As the saying goes, “there’s one in every crowd,” the one that is unhappy, constantly griping, and whining throughout the day making the work day that much harder. Right? In my experience of working at the bank, there is certainly always the one that for whatever reason, just seems to hate their job. That being said, I would like to discuss the issue of job dissatisfaction further as I am sure that I am not the only one who has dealt with this. Negative feelings about the job…

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  • The Importance Of Job Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction

    individuals have about their jobs shows their job satisfaction usually. The high or low level of self-satisfaction is impacted by many factors, including environmental criteria, social, and social variables while it is imperative to think about the elements that impact the levels of employment satisfaction, examining the effect of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction shed the light on the field of organizational culture research. A significant result of job satisfaction is its part in enforcing…

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  • Attitudes, Values And Job Satisfaction

    Attitudes, Values and Job Satisfaction Introduction I would like to focus on how job dissatisfaction directly correlates to the concepts of organizational commitment and personality preferences. I’ve learned that “Truth influences emotions, and emotions influence perceptions, and perceptions influence attitudes, and ultimately job satisfaction”. Effective organizations strive to satisfy their employees knowing that when employees are happy, increase productivity is evitable. Dr.…

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  • Hoppock's Theory Of Job Satisfaction

    Hoppock (1935) was the first who brought forth the concept of job satisfaction in limelight. He held that job satisfaction was a combination of psychological, physiological and environmental circumstances that caused a person to say that "I am satisfied with my job". To a society as a whole and from the individual employee's standpoint, job satisfaction, in and of itself, is a desirable outcome. However, from a pragmatic managerial and organizational effectiveness perspective it is important to…

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  • Case Study On Job Satisfaction

    Job satisfaction is the most investigated topic in the field of organisational behaviour. It can be defined as “the level of contentment employees feel about their work, which can affect performance” (Boundless, 2016). Job satisfaction is one of the primary job attitudes measured, and can be influenced by a person’s ability to complete required tasks, the level of communication within an organization as well as the relationships with their mangers. (Boundless, 2016) Case Study One: Long Hours,…

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  • Job Satisfaction Case Study

    types of jobs, or is it the characteristics of the jobs themselves that are satisfying? The jobs mentioned in the case study are unique to a specific type of employee. Most employees seek careers that provide them with high levels of job satisfaction, salaries or commissions that satisfy basic financial, social, emotional and moral needs. Many have been socialized to believe that commitment, loyalty and dedication or “hard work, blood, sweat and tears” are the engines to success. Therefore, they…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Job Satisfaction

    2.9. Importance of Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction can be seen in any work situation (Aziri 2011). As noted by Munro, Rodwell and Harding (1998), job satisfaction has an important role in improving the performance of employees. Moreover, job satisfaction is vital to employees’ turnover & absenteeism as it tends to resign & early retirements at the time job satisfaction level of employees is low (Nabi, Syduzzaman & Munir 2016). It relates with different concepts like as…

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