The Importance Of Strategic Communication Within Orthwein

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Strategic communication is the ability to understand and utilize the essential communication skills in any business and professional settings. In the light of fluctuations in world business, communication skills play a key role toward a successful professional development within organizations. Consequently, any organization that does not strategically communicate to its customers and employees will more likely not survive. The recent revolution in technology has opened more doors and opportunities for companies, no matter how big or small, to advance their performance and improve their communication skills. Modern technology has been generally able to add extra value to companies’ operations and communication skills. Therefore, businesses nowadays are required to adapt themselves to modern communication media like, blogs, message boards, RSS, smart phones, SMS, social networking, teleconferencing, twitter, v-logs, video conferencing, webinars, and wikis in order to perform work faster, easier and smarter. Accordingly, the strategic communication is especially important because it can help to increase productivity, allow for …show more content…
The main reason is that using a technology that is almost obsolete in business would jeopardize the whole organization. It is a big risk to utilize a technology, while there are other alternatives that could work more efficiently than RSS, for example, Twitter. Moreover, the technology’s feed proved to be on the lower side of media richness scale, which makes unwise to involve this technology heavily in this business. However, sales department may find RSS beneficial by using it to subscribe to their vendors or to companies that it works with to have a better connection with these contacts and find out about the competition they are up against and try to use that information to better develop their

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