Kids Under 15 Spending Their Time Essay

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Explain how do most kids under fifteen spend their time according to the chart? According to the chart given on “Leisure Time on an Average Day.” There was no data on kids under the age of fifteen. However, I did find data on kids over the age of 15 “Leisure Time on an average Day,” on the chart and from other Internet searches. As a result, I thought to discuss none, since there was no given answer which pertained to the question.
What surprises you about how Americans are spending their leisure times? Americans usually have more leisure time then, any other country, with about 45 minutes a day of extra leisure, but how it spent greatly depend(s) of the state in which the person lives. In fact, television accounts for the largest share of
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One area I would recommend to my boss pursue a possible product or service, by offering employees’ a place at work like a gym to work out and exercise on their free and leisure time off. This way an employer can make sure that there is a well life balance at work, and in return employees’ will be more willing to work for the betterment of the company. The second area I would recommend is socializing and communication, among staff members in forums, meetings like on video chats, video conferencing, and teleconferencing which permit participators to be linked by telephone lines. Among other things, company events like handing out awards and certificate to employee who have earned them, special dinners, and company outings, etc., are all forms of communication. Social media is another fad that has greatly changed the way in which people tend to communicate at home or at work. Buying into social media for many businesses has turned out greater in the area of public relations, internal & external communications, recruiting new hires, and for company learning and joint efforts as well, to enhance work product and

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