Teen Activist Essay

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What is a teen activist? Well a teen activist is someone who wants to make the world a better place they stand up for what they think is fair and they speak out. There are many,many problems around the world but teen activist are slowly solving them one by one. For example Malala Yousafzai,Alex Lin and Alex Libby. Do you know

My first example of a teen activist is Malala Yousafzai. She is making the world a better place by spreading awareness that girls deserve education. She is doing this because in her town Swat Valley the taliban or terrorists took over Swat Valley. At first they tricked the people to let them stay they brought food,water,and goods but then they started doing horrible things to people and to schools. They would tear signs off of schools also shut them down in harmful ways. This made Malala want education back and her life back they started to dig holes underground and continue to get educated. She started protests for girls rights and education she did this because she believes in equality. During the interview with Jon Stewart Malala states, “ I believe in
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Alex Libby is changing the world by spreading the word about how bad bullying is, and how much it can hurt someone's feelings. Alex Libby wanted to tell kids and adults around the world about bullying because he has been bullied since he was a young kid. He was bullied so much that in the interview with Abc News Alex stated “I'm starting to think i don't feel anything anymore. ” This clearly explains how much Alex got bullied. Alex doesnt want this to happen to any other kids. Alex starred in the documentary Bully. Many people have seen the documentary and they realized how bad bullying can get and how the person being bullied feels. Alex started speaking out about bullying and how it can be stopped. Alex has spread a lot of awareness about bullying when he could be doing something else. He is a true teen activist

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