Alex Libby's Life And Treatments Of Bully

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Alex Libby

There are 13 million students in the U.S that are victims of bullying. A man named Alex Libby is considered to be a teen activists who is fighting for people that are being bullied. Alex Libby is a teen that has had ups and downs in his life but from his struggles, he is doing many things to help others in the same position. Bullying was a very big part of Alex Libby’s life and is for many other people too. Because of what he has been through, he is working to stop bullying for others. Alex’s Experience Alex Libby has lived a very and powerful and moving childhood. In fact, Alex was featured in an anti-bullying documentary called “Bully”. In the documentary Alex, a sixth- grader at the time talked about how he was strangled
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For example, in 2005, the federal government began collecting data on school bullying, and the prevalence of bullying was about 28%. If there are things like the federal government that are working to find more about bullying, then possibly during their findings they could do things to stop it from occurring. In fact, there are 3 million students who are absent each month because of the torture they deal with. And there are 2,000 American teenagers who commit suicide because of mistreatment from others. When there is bullying it usually makes people feel bad about themselves and like they don’t belong, so to push people to that point in their lives is crazy to think about and really should end. Bullying happens when children and adults use force to tease, torment, and embarrass the people they are targeting. Bullies will target their victims because they are smarter, or because the bully feels threatened by the others who are smarter. If there is someone who feels threatened by someone then they should talk to an adult about it, or deal with it in a peaceful way. Because it obviously isn’t a nice thing to do by harming people since there is a problem in your life. Because of people bullying others, some kids go to school every day and have the fear of getting picked on and called names. A possible reason why people don’t speak out against bullying is that they are afraid the bully will go for them next. People shouldn’t be afraid of someone because they are nervous they will go for them next, but instead, they should be strong and outgoing to the point where you not only are helping yourself but others too. There is an unimaginable number of 64% of children who were bullied that didn’t report it, and instead, only 36% that did report it. However, that number gains to 57% of bullying situations that stop when a peer is

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