Stereotypes Of Teen Pregnancy

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I chose the topic to research what effect that pregnancy has on teenagers, their families and the people around them. Especially wanted to focus on the teenage girl and the decisions she has to make when she finds out she is pregnant. It is a huge responsibility to make the decision to have a child, to give your child up for adoption or to decide to abort your child; no matter the age. Teen parents are put into little stereotypes based on what people think they know about them, or what they have heard. I chose this topic because two of my sisters were teen parents, my other sister chose abortion and a lot of my friends got pregnant at a young age. I wanted to see what others viewpoints were on teen pregnancy and see if stereotyping has effect on the decisions that teen parents have to go through. I found several articles, websites and actual opinions from teen parents that show several different …show more content…
It is like a rumor, something that spread like wildfire and is hard to get out of. People take this idea or image of what they think you are and put you into this little ‘box’ and it is very hard to change that image people have of you. Girls who get pregnant in high school are often stereotyped, once you have the image, you fit the criteria to every other girl who has ever gotten pregnant. Stereotyping has a huge impact on lives, it breaks you down both psychically and emotionally to the point that you don’t know what to do. When asked if people thought that shows such as 16 & pregnant and teen mom make girls want to go out and get pregnant? Yes. Because it stereotypes people into thinking that girls are going to get famous, rich and everything is going to work out fine, and what girl doesn’t want attention? If you ask real teen parents, one who don’t have a reality show how it is, they will tell you the opposite, it’s hard and sometimes they want to give up but they know they

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