The Pros Of Teen Abortion

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2.1 A Place Gives Supports and Helps Teens Who Are Aborted Teens who have an abortion would be shame and afraid to talk about their feelings and thoughts to other people. Most importantly, they often pretend normal in front of others, while inside they feel perplexed and helpless. Therefore, they would hide their feelings and thoughts inside their mind, which cause many mental and psychological issues to slowly developed. Teens who have an abortion need more cares and supports from either friends or families. Sometimes, they might be unwilling to talk about their problems with others; as a result, there has many organization and agencies are providing private counseling and group activities to cope teens after abortion. Teens who are aborted …show more content…
Ultimately, my consensus on this matter is I agree to let abortion to remain legal. Making a choice between keeping the baby or killing the baby is the hardest decision in the world. Especially when women are the only one who making a final decision that would never go back again. Further, in order to let abortion to remain legal, government should provide more information to people about how to prevent unintended pregnancy and declined the rate of teen abortions.
3.2 Better Ways to Resolve the Abortion Conflicts: Sexual Education
Teenage abortion is not the new occurrences in the United States. However, in the past few years, the young people become very active at sex, conceive, and make decision abortion abortion. Nowadays, teenagers will have made several major decisions in their lifetime that could compromise their entire lives. One of them is Induced abortion, it has generated major concern because of the potential subsequent risks. These decisions lead people realize some social problems, which requires intensive and formal public resolution such as sexual education and mental and psychological
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Although abortion is legal in the whole United States, there still have a groups of people want to make change to this because they think abortion is an immoral killer. On the other hand, rather saying an abortion is an immoral killer, some people might think abortion is a relief toward the mother and the fetus. In fact, no one is qualified enough to make comments on a female or teen who make such a decision because they would never know how they feel when they are in the procedure. Perhaps, some people may ask, if you do feel sad about this choice, why are you still doing this. It is completely understandable that the life circumstances have push them to this kind of the situation. Lastly, if abortion is illegal in the United States, many females would go to illegal abortion which would cause more severe psychological and especially physical effects. Most importantly, at that time, many tragedies would occur such as females would commit suicide because do not know how to face and handle this matter. Therefore, it is better for people to show more respects, supports, and cares to females and especially to teens who are aborted than just making judgments behind

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