Rough Draft For Abortion Essay

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Abortion Essay Rough Draft
One half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in ten of these are terminated by abortion. Abortion is a widely debated issue today, with many legal, social, and political implications. This essay discusses the ethical issues of abortion, up until the first trimester, more specifically who should be allowed to have one, whether or not the fetus has rights, the government’s place in abortion, and the level of access of abortion. Abortion should continue to be legal and readily available, and decisions made about it should be left between woman and her doctor.
Abortion has been used to control reproduction throughout history. In the US specifically, abortion was practiced until the 1880’s when it was deemed a felony, only permissible to save the life of
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There are laws in place that require parental consent in order for a minor to get an abortion, but many feel that it is not enough. They argue that the psychological consequences of having an abortion at a young age are damaging and can negatively impact a teenager’s future development, both physically and mentally.
Pro-life arguers generally carry the belief that a fetus is a person upon conception, and is therefore afforded the same rights that any other citizen has. They believe that a fetus is just as human as the rest of the population and deserves to live just as much as any other person does.
Most individuals who support the right to life also support the presence of the government in making these decisions. They believe the government is justified in their actions as long as they are acting in the best interest of the fetus. This is because the US law considers unborn fetuses human beings. By preventing and highly regulating abortions, the government would theoretically be acting in the best interest of its future citizens, which is ethically and logically

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