Texas Abortion Issues

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Texas Abortion Laws
An abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy. A woman’s right to an abortion is a very debated and controversial topic that happens all around the world. There are those who are opposed to abortions, pro-life, and those who don’t necessarily have a problem with a woman making the decision to terminate her pregnancy, pro-choice. In 1868, thirty-six states had laws prohibiting abortions at any stage of a woman’s pregnancy, Texas being one of the thirty-six states. By 1965 all fifty states had laws making abortion a crime except in extreme cases, such as when the life of the woman was in danger. Abortion laws in the United States changed in the early 1970s, as a result of the influence
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The rate of teen abortions are much lower than the rate of adult women getting abortions, but it is still a main issue when it comes to restrictions. There are laws currently set that require parental involvement or consent in a minor’s abortion. Forty-five states have passed laws requiring parental notice or consent, although only thirty-seven states ' laws are in effect at the moment due to constitutional challenges by abortion rights activists. Parental involvement could lead to minors making the best decision about their abortion or pregnancy. "The law has long and generally held that children under the age of majority are legally incapable of either consenting or refusing consent to medical treatment. This principle is based upon the premise that children "are incapable of intelligent decision, as the result of which public policy demands legal protection of their personal as well as their property rights."" -Christine Watkins. A parent or guardian is more likely to evaluate the risks and become well-informed about the procedure than a minor seeking a speedy "way out" of her predicament. The lack of maturity in children to be jumping to what they think is the easiest solution is the reason they need help and guidance which they can seek from a parent or guardian. Many teens refrain from telling their parents because they’re unsure of how they will take the news. Many believe their parents will respond with …show more content…
Although current guidelines set for abortions can provide crucial information for both the woman and the fetus, many believe "no one other than God should decide who lives or dies, and that applies to the "preborn" as well as the born. All choices should not be legal or protected, and abortion is one that should not be legal." –Judie Brown. Those who are religious do not support the right to an abortion at all. Not all of those in favor of banning abortions are persuaded by religious reasons, some believe it is morally wrong for our society. “The fact of widespread abortion and the attitudes it encourages have a profound impact on the moral consciousness of our society." –Daniel W. Kucera. Daniel states Abortion to be a cancer on American society, eating away at the values and moral principles that have sustained this country for two hundred years. Abortion is thought to be wrong for our society, not only from a religious and theological perspective, but from the way someone sees how much it impacts the morals of our society. Teens getting abortions, people having multiple abortions, no one seems to see the damage it has done to our society knowing you won’t always have to face consequences for your actions when you have the choice to just “get rid of it”. Government set guidelines on abortion is definitely a must in our

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