Medical Ethics Of Abortion Research Paper

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November 4, 14
Dr. Winslade
Medical Ethics: Wednesday 4-5
The abortion dispute inquires whether it should be ethically permissible to terminate a pregnancy before traditional delivery. Multitudes of people in our society today have made the decision to end their pregnancy due to very logical personal reasons. I believe that in certain circumstances, abortion is an optimistic option. While many people believe that abortion is a sin, I choose to have an open mind on the idea that abortion is sometimes the only option for many people. In cases of rape, lack of sex education and abuse, abortion should be legal in efforts to give these people a chance for their future. People should take in consideration the circumstances and
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Abortion is the conscious decision to choose to end a pregnancy. Although gruesome, an abortion is, in simple, nonmedical terms when a child inside the womb is torn apart and taken out of the mother’s body. In some events, when it’s been more than twenty-four weeks of pregnancy, the doctor is forced to pull the fetus out of the mother and stab in in the neck with a sharp item. The brain is then sucked out of the neck with a vacuum like medical tool. Due to the amount of research and knowledge we have on the human body, nowadays there is also an option to abort a child by ingesting pills. The abortion pill involves eating medicines to terminate the pregnancy. It causes the womb to push the fetus out of the body by contracting. According to the World Health Organization, approximately forty-four million abortions are performed every year. Choosing to obtain an abortion is a very personal and hard decision. Abortions weren’t always a legal option for women. In 1973, the case Roe v. Wade made a huge impact on the future of abortion. The Supreme Court made a historic decision and sanctioned a person’s right to choose whether they want to terminate an unwelcome pregnancy. Women were since allowed to make the decision of whether they wanted an abortion during the beginning of a pregnancy. If a woman waits till a later date, there are restrictions on abortion policies. During the …show more content…
There are so many circumstantial situations, which should be acknowledged while making the choice whether one should proceed with terminating a pregnancy. Although it’s easy to make an opinion on how morally and ethically disgusting it is to murder just a child, there will never be proof that the fetus instead a woman’s body is a living being. Instead of judging these women for their choices, one should put themselves in their shoes and see just how much of an impact the choice of abortion or no abortion can make. All women deserve a second chance. It should be permitted to allow women to decide for themselves based on the impacts on themselves, their family and their unborn child, whether or not an abortion would be the best

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