Mary George's View Of Abortion Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… George believes that abortion should not be legalized. That it should be restricted. He states “A pro-life advocate sees abortion as a sin against God who infuses life at the moment of conception; a pro-choice advocate sees abortion as a decision to be made in accordance with the best scientific opinion as to when the beginning of life, as we know it, occurs.” (182) I believe that in the bible it does state that abortion is wrong, so Mr. George made a good point there. Mr. George, however, makes a careless statement, “Frequently, people who are not religious, or who are only weakly so, begin to have doubts about the moral defensibility of deliberate feticide.” (187) Too me he is saying that just because a person isn’t religious they are more frequent to get an abortion than someone who is? Mary Gordon, on the other hand, believes that abortion should be legalized or that it shouldn’t be restricted. Gordon states, “It is essential that we remember that an abortion is performed on a living woman who has a life in which a terminated pregnancy is only a small part.” (188) I think that is a great point. That abortion is a small thing in this roller coaster we call life. Gordon makes another going point “It seems to me that the question of late …show more content…
Abortion is one of those topics you don’t just bring up at the dinner table. Abortion shouldn’t be done at free will. There should be boundaries set into place when dealing with this issue. If someone is dying while carrying the child they should have the option to abort. If a person was forced to have sex, without consent, and they got pregnant, they should be allowed to abort the baby if they choose too. These cases are cases that are very reasonable and I believe in Pro-life or Pro-choice would agree

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