Abortion Controversy

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Abortion has been one of the main topics in America to produce a plethora of controversy, marking the collision of two values: pro-life and pro-choice. While we know that each side produces a wide variety of points as to why each group believes what they do, we still must be omniscient about the life of the child. Someone who is pro-choice would argue that the woman has the right to her own body and what happens to it; however, taking the side of pro-choice disregards the child’s life. This seems like complete balderdash to me, almost to be noted ignorant. Abortion is wrong to me because it is considered murder, it causes psychological and emotional trauma to the mother, and it teaches people to ignore responsibility.
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Pregnancy is a result or consequence of having sex. Sex is a process created by God to join two people who are mature and married. If two people have sex and get pregnant, they should be responsible enough to take care of that life or find an alternative such as adoption, not punish the child for something they had no control over. According to Planned Parenthood’s reports from the year 2011-2012, the clinic performed 327,166 abortions and only 2,197 adoptions. This calculates to 1 adoption for every 149 abortions. Most of these women choose abortions because they think it will be the easiest, most confidential way to deal with unwanted pregnancy. Knowing that a large number of these are performed on minors makes me think about what I would do in their situation. As an eighteen year old I do not consider myself prepared enough to take care of a child, but abortion is not the only option. There are many couples who are unable to have children due to medical complications that would love to adopt unwanted babies. Some will even help to pay for medical expenses and temporary out-of-town living to make the process affordable and confidential for the mother.
In conclusion, abortion is a serious process that results in serious consequences. Not only is the mother psychologically and emotionally effected, but an innocent child’s life is being taken. If a mother is carrying a child and she is murdered, the offender is charged with double murder. With that being said, if murder is illegal, then how can killing an innocent baby not be considered murder as well? Abortion is not only murdering an innocent life, it causes psychological and emotional trauma to the mother, and allows people to avoid

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