Abortion In Texas Essay

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Many women in Texas seek to get an abortion every day. Abortion has become one of the leading social issues of the state. Texas has always been highly against abortions, but abortion was not legalized in Texas until 1973. Roe v. Wade was the court case that changed the issue of abortion not only in Texas but forty-six other states. The Supreme Court had come to a seven to two decision, recognizing that under the fourteenth amendment of the U.S Constitution, it was, in fact, legal for a woman to have an abortion. Texas has the most restrictions on abortion in the country. Having parental consent for minors, mandatory ultrasound and women seeking abortion by medications must make at least four visits to a doctor. The Texas government has …show more content…
Now in days it is very common to see a fifth teen and sixteen-year-old having a child of their own, in fact, 3 out of 10 girls in the county become a pregnant by the age of 20 over 750,000 teen pregnancies (Stephens.). Many of abortions happening are teens fifth teen years old they have the highest amount of abortions. Making the future of a teen parent harder because teen pregnancy causes many to drop teen parents to drop out of school causing them to have limited careers and in some cases no jobs. The truth is abortion is going to continue to happen; the difference is now whether it is safe and modern. Though what if it is illegal, women are going to be forced to go to back alley clinics where the doctor who may or may not even has a degree. Then risk getting infections, injuries, and trauma, just to get an abortion done. In South Africa when abortion was legalized abortion-related deaths dropped by 91% (Singer.) By providing safe, legal abortion, with follow-up care to prevent or treat any complications, many women would still be alive. If so many support abortion, then they should not legalize abortion because it too would take lives. In many other countries, abortion is illegal according to the World Health Organization(WHO), about 21.6 million women had an unsafe abortion, these abortions themselves were responsible for the death of nearly 47,000 women (Thompson, Tamara.” Safe and Legal Abortion Is a Human

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