Argumentative Essay: Access To Safe Abortion

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"Access to safe abortion is both a fundamental human right and central to women 's health. Where abortion is illegal or inaccessible, the search for abortion humiliates women and undermines their self-respect and dignity." (Project) Abortion is the purposeful termination of a pregnancy. It is a very controversial topic in America, and has been for decades. Many people believe killing a fetus is inhumane. There also are people who believe women have a right to choose their reproduction choices. Pro-Choice is the right to choose. This choice is the better option, because it is a natural human right to choose to have a child or not. I realize there are a lot of other options rather than having an abortion. But who are we to tell someone they …show more content…
The case was in court for approximately 2 years, and finally a decision was made. The court was in favor of Jane Roe, with a 7-2 vote. The justices voted that taking away a woman’s right to have an abortion was a violation of the ninth and 14th amendments. But the practice of abortion was restricted during the third trimester of a pregnancy. As soon as this ruling was determined, an opposition was emerged. The Roman Catholic Church had criticized abortion. And out came the Pro-Life movement. Pro-life is the belief that women should not have to right to abort a baby, because it is a human life. They claim it is murder. But it is all about basic faiths. (History) Abortion, in my opinion, is not a good thing. But it is a right that someone has and they should be allowed to express that right because, it’s someone’s right, we don’t know the circumstances of that person, and they may not want to deal with the long term …show more content…
They believe it is inhumane. Like I said, they believe it is murder. One example I found was: no civilized society allows murder, why shouldn’t this count as murder? (Lowen) First, it is not murder if the fetus, in the first trimester, cannot even live without the mother. Also, a person taking away another person’s rights is illegal. And the right to choose what happens with your body should include having an abortion or not. Another argument pro-life people would have is that it is obviously risky for the mom. Having an abortion can result in complications in the mother’s future health, like he risk of ectopic pregnancies doubles, and the chance of a miscarriage and pelvic inflammatory disease also increases. (Lowen) I would argue that it’s risky either way. An abortion can prevent the mother from dying from those complications. Many pro-life people say there are a lot of women who have had a pregnancy and regret it. What if the mother didn’t have an abortion and regret that also? There’s always two sides to it. Like I said before they could end up hating the child, which could lead to abuse. Lastly pro-life people would argue that adoption is a great alternative. A lot of women do not want to go through the nine months of carrying that child. They may not be able to afford those nine months of prenatal care, or doctor visits. So I still stand firm in my belief that women should have the right to

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