Abortion In The United States

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eing an American comes with many advantages that many countries around the world do not have. The constitution of the Untied States explains the freedoms and liberties we each possess. A major issue confronted in the today’s political world involves the conflict with abortion. Those who believe that women have a choice and say about their pregnancy are pro-choice activists and do not want the government to regulate a person’s body. The opponents establish themselves as pro-life activists and believe that life begins at fertilization and therefore abortion is the wrongful way of killing a innocent human being. A major change needs to be conducted on the current amendment that is keeping this debate alive. Before 1973, abortion was illegal in …show more content…
Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade proved that abortion is a women’s choice and part of her rights as an American citizen. Seven out of the nine justices voted on giving extended abortion rights to American women. Abortion is an extremely personal decision between a woman, her family, and doctor. Politicians and government officials have no place or say about the choices a women makes with her body. The activists that are pro-choice also recognize that health care and education help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and thereby also diminishes the need for abortions. As a result of this case abortion was acknowledged as a necessary constitutional right and made was made legal in all fifty states. Without any restrictions or troubles women can request abortion in the first trimester but there are still some restrictions in the second in order to protect the women’s health. Each state varies when a women can have the abortion or can not due to being late into the trimester of the pregnancy. Many argue that without legal abortion women would be denied their constitutional right of privacy and liberty. The liberty and rights which it invades is a major territory of the first amendment. Pro-choice activists say that if abortion was illegal it would force women to endure hardships and raise children they can 't afford to bring up. Women would also have to forcefully give up hopes and dreams and stay home to raise their children. The issue of the mother keeping the child is also a major hardship that our society endures and in reality there are many families would love to have them. In addition there would be tons of unsafe abortion operations which can bring life long traumas and unhealthy conditions for the baby. One of the most controversial topics includes the scenario of a women being victimize to rape. Both sides of the spectrum purely agree on this situation as pro-life activists allow this as an exception. The right of controlling your own

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