Christian Abortion Essay

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Abortion has been around for quit sometime now, and its support is only getting stronger. Advocates of abortion emphasize one’s ability to have the choice of whether that person wants to keep the baby or not. They believe that the person that was conceived is technically not a human being yet, and is a person once the mother has given birth to the child. Because they believe that the person they are aborting is not a human, it is then okay to end its life. They make arguments such as having the option of abortion will help victims of rape, incest, or if the person is just not ready to have a child. It is understandable for some to think having the option to not give birth to a child that was a result of rape. However, some people such as Christians believe that abortion is in fact wrong. Christians believe that the moment a person is conceived, it is in fact a human being. …show more content…
We would all want the ability to fix a wrong act once it occurs, but unfortunately that is not how life works. People who are pro-choice (abortionists) want the ability to fix a mistake without facing any consequences. The concept that one can just have unprotected sex without any ramification is what people who are pro-choice really want. However, just like what Galatians 6:7 says, and how one will reap the consequences of his or her actions. Sadly, people always try to find a way to bypass the effects of their actions. Everyone knows that raising a child takes a lot of responsibility, time, and costs money. When abortionists say that abortion is good for people like rape victims, it is a good argument. However, the majority of people who have an abortion are not rape victims. The main reason why people have an abortion is because that person feels as though they are not ready to raise a child. So when people who are pro-choice make the argument that abortion is great for rape victims, it only a

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