Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is something that has been an issue in America for over one hundred years. It is something that we all know of but surprisingly don’t know a lot about. Because it’s such a controversial issue a lot of people keep their ideas and feelings inside and don’t really express how they feel. This can actually hurt the issue more than it can help it. This essay is going to help those who might not know a lot about Abortion and hopefully help them come to a conclusion of why abortion is legal here in the United States. Abortion is a debate on women’s health and rights. If America wants to keep heading in a direction where its people are free and have control over their bodies this issue must be better understood. Women in the United States should …show more content…
This is an issue that isn’t talked about in depth and not brought up very often, especially by women who have had abortions. Understandable but one of the best ways to fight for women’s rights is to stand up and fight against laws that are stripping them away. After the clandestine videos were released Planed Parenthood location started closing across the nation. After reading Katha Pollitt article “Come Out, Pro-Choicers!” I got a better idea of just how many people stand behind this issue and why they need to start fighting for it. Ms. Pollitt said this in response to Planed Parenthoods closing across the nation “Nearly one in three women in the United States will have had at least one abortion by the time they reach menopause. Some will have had more then one. Where are they?”(Pollit 1) She has a legitimate question. She went on to talk about the obvious answer which is the fact that many women cant talk about it and with an issue that is surround with vitriol I don’t blame them. But Ms. Pollit also said she received a lot of emails from people who would speak out about there abortion. This was all to help Planed Parenthood who helps so many women and men with vital medical knowledge. This took courage and bravery but doesn’t all political movements? The real point is the more people we have fighting for women’s rights and openly talking …show more content…
They are an extremely valuable recourse and help educate people. Which is really one of the most important issues at hand. Nobody wants to have an abortion. One of the best ways to avoid being in that situation is by getting educated on sex and contraceptives. This needs to be happening at a young age in schools. Unfortunately its not, but that’s okay because Planed Parenthood is still here and is willing to help anyone. There website has tons of information regarding sex education. They help couples or women make the choice. Planed Parenthood offers everything anyone would need to know about being pregnant and all at a very low cost if at all. It’s the only option a lot of people have. If anyone ever needs help Planned Parenthood and the people who fight for them are

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