Abortion Argument Essay

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All human beings care for their safety. This is due to their natural fear of death. Especially when people have close, caring, connections with others, their concern for others is just as strong as their concern for themselves. Families automatically have connections, but the love within them is not always there. Mothers who abort their children do not show much love for their child. It is understandable to see why a mother would abort her child if her life is at risk, but this is at the expense of a baby, who has no part in the decision. Abortion disrespects the safety of a child, which ultimately end in death. Not only is abortion unsafe for a child, but abortion can cause health problems in a woman later on. Abortion is immoral and unsafe for a mother and her child.
In some cases, women can abort their child during their third trimester. Allowing women to abort this late during their pregnancy is a huge problem. Whether they realize it or not, a child’s life begins at conception. After eighteen days, the baby’s heart is
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People also think it is acceptable to have an abortion because they do not want to bring an unwanted child into the world due to birth defects. No reason is a good reason for killing an innocent, vulnerable child. In fact, out of all the abortions performed for expecting mothers, less than one-percent of them are to save the life of a woman. Also, to perform an abortion because the child has a birth defect is discriminatory against people with disabilities. Additionally, the baby’s right to be alive is much more important than the mother’s right of deciding whether she wants a child or not. Fortunately, a simple solution to this problem is adoption. Many people want to adopt children, with or without birth defects. Sadly, abortion not only kills babies, but it also prevents these people from creating a

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