The Pros And Cons Of Pro Life And Pro Choice

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Living in a world filled with people of different cultures, religions, and personalities, it is impossible to think that with every situation that presents itself in American that mutual agreement upon it will be made. In the news, we constantly hear debates about gay-marriage, police brutality, racism, and many other incidents in America that bring out the inner activists of our people. Most debates over these controversies are no surprise to the public because they have been going on for years. One in particular is the debate about abortions. Since 1973, the world has been divided into two distinct groups of “Pro-life” and “Pro-choice” due to the landmark case of Roe v. Wade. The United States Supreme Court ruled that states could not forbid …show more content…
‘’It is just a blob of tissue, not a baby” (“Pro Life Vs Pro Choice: An Introduction to the Debate’’). Because most abortions are done with in the first trimester or slightly after, it is hard to consider it as killing a living, breathing human being. ‘’Personhood begins after a fetus is able to survive outside of the womb or after birth, not at conception’’ (“Should Abortion Be Legal?”). Out of the seven characteristics of life, five cannot be demonstrated by a fetus within the first trimester if it was to be removed from the womb of the mother. These characterizes of life are as follows: all living things grow, all living things reproduce, all living things have the ability to adapt to their environments, all living things use energy, and all living things have the ability to respond to different stimuli introduced into their environment (“The seven characteristics of life”). If a fetus is removed from the womb, it is cut off from all nutrition or energy that it receives from its mother. Without nutrition, it can no longer thrive, grow, or develop on its own and the only response to any stimuli presented is death. Most abortions save women from gruesome psychological effects due to rape or incest. Forcing a woman to carry and give birth to a child without her consent is bound to cause more psychological harm than the abortion itself (“10 Arguments: For and Against Abortion”). In most fetus fatal abnormalities such as a missing limb can be detected which can result in death shortly before or after the baby is born. Even for those abnormalities that are nonfatal, most mothers are not financially stable to take care of a disabled child and abortions are their best option ("Should Abortion Be

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