Grass Roots Of Abortion

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Grass Roots
Abortion has been involved in multiple accounts of controversial arguments. It is defined in which the developing fetus is killed by the choice of the mother bearing the child. Women of the fetuses have reasons to why their decision of removing the fetus from their belly, such as the protection of Women 's Rights, the medical risk of the mother 's life, and to prevent severe disorders of the child 's life . Women 's Rights correlates to every individuals, including males. Women have the moral right to decide what to do with their own bodies, whether it is customization of any surgical procedures that involves cosmetics, or outside situations that causes the woman to be impregnated with an unwanted partner. In Bill Nye
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Erika Levi, a gynecologist, mentions that "there are certain cases where ending the pregnancy is the only option, cases where it would be putting the mother 's life at risk to continue the pregnancy." There are conditions that supports the idea of abortion due to medical reasons such as a type of cancer that needs immediate treatment, medications the mother needs to take in order to live, and chronic conditions that poses a threat to the mother. A woman who is experiencing complications from the pregnancy has the decision whether or not to die, or live with the result of a dead fetus. This correlates to Women 's Rights, as every woman has the right to voice their own thoughts and decisions, whether if it is related to their body or not. A case that threats a woman 's life, is the rupture of the fallopian tube of the mother. The fallopian tubes are not capable of supporting the growing fetus, resulting to the rupture of the tubes and internal bleeding. Since there are no current treatment to stop the internal bleeding, the only immediate action is to get an abortion. This also share no relationship between fetus and mother, as in this scenario, both will die as a result of the mother 's well …show more content…
Women whose fetus show signs of defects consider abortion because of the further suffering of the fetus as it develops throughout childhood. There are some cases in which if the mother decides to give birth to a defected infant, the chances of death of the child is either high or instant. In a article by Listland, they agree that "It is the woman’s right as a mother to decide what is best for her child. No weight of society or majority moral opinion of philosophers, religious or even state leaders have the right to decide for her." This statement voices out Women 's Rights to provide decisions of their own to determine whether the child shall live a life through sufferings, or to prevent the child 's

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