Socrates: A Conversation On Abortion

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One day Socrates went to the park to run as training for the 5k run he signed up to do. After running two miles, he decided to stop for a short break. As he was sitting in a bench at the park, a young women sat angrily down next to him to receive a phone. Janice: Claire, listen to me you cannot follow through with it. It is precious life inside of you. Please realize that. It will be committing murder if you have an abortion. Take some time to think about this decision. I am going to your house tomorrow, so we can talk more. Okay? See you then. Bye.
Janice: Why can people not see abortion is murder and should be illegal?
Socrates: Hello ma’am. I happened to hear your conversation with your friend, and I know it is none of my business to discuss
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That is rough situation for her to be in. I cannot imagine what it is like to be in that situation. Let me get this clear. You believe a living being constitutes having a heart beat and organs, therefore a fetus’s life should not be terminated?
Janice: Yes I believe that. Dead things do not have heart beats.
Socrates: Yes this is true. However, animals keep coming to my mind. They also have organs and a heartbeat, so in that case, they are living beings. Do you agree?
Janice: Absolutely, sir.
Socrates: By this definition, would it not be consider murder to slaughter animals for food? What makes abortion any different from eating meat, it is ending a living being’s life? Why are we okay with eggs, not letting the chicks reach full term and not abortion?
Janice: That is different. We need to kill animals to survive.
Socrates: It is beneficial to eat meat from animals, and it is beneficial to allow abortions.
Look at countries where it is illegal to have abortions. People still find ways to get it done or women of all ages are forced to have children of rapist and other undesired men. Do you think it is far for women to carry such child and possibly have a hatred toward their children because of being stuck with the
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A mother who kills her children is convicted. Yes or no?
Socrates: Yes, but a person’s age is determined by the date of which he or she is born, not the time of conception. Since the fetus is not considered a person and is inside the woman’s body, she has the choice to do what she wants. Women have the say in her body when it comes to tattoos, piercing, and other body modifications, but not when it comes to the fetus in the uterus.
Janice: Agree to disagree. I have to leave, and thank you for being respectful and civil in this discussion. You brought up excellent points, and I will reflect on them. Whatever choice my friend makes, I will be there for her. Hope to see you again. Bye.
The right to an abortion is a right that women should have. Many women are in difficult situations where they find themselves needing to have an abortion. It is up to a woman to choose what is best, according to her, for her life. Modifications to one’s bodies is allowed, and abortion is just another modification. Women should lift each other up and not tear them down, judging each other’s decisions. Having an abortion or not is a life-changing decision women make, whether it is a hard decision or easy, that everyone should

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