Health Intervention Proposal: A Case Study

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Having the knowledge that tobacco use and smoking is one of the leading contributors of many chronic and deadly diseases, and with the fact that Maryland is fourth in smoking among adolescents and young adults it is only logical that this program proposal is indeed of great need. This intervention program would be best implemented using Health Communication strategies. Health communication strategies are designed to inform and influence individual and community decisions to influence health. Using health communication strategies the intervention will be able to achieve many of its goals and objectives. Breath better is an intervention model that addresses adolescent and young adult smokers as well as ATP users who intend to gain more knowledge on the topic and eventually quit smoking, between the ages 15-25. Participants will be recruited from schools and universities throughout Baltimore city such as Morgan State University, Towson University and Frederick Douglass High School during freshman orientation week. This model is very cost effective thus, neither the planners nor the participants would get burdened financially. Upon the initial …show more content…
Intrapersonal channel such phone calls either initiated by the individual or by the health educator specialists, and interpersonal channels such as face to face meetings, support groups and small classes. In addition, organizational channels will also be used and printed materials, will be handed to the priority population as well as emails will be sent to the participants and those who show an initial interest. However, since this intervention program is new and it is not known to the general public, mass media will not be used. Informed consent will be obtained by the participants and by the parents of the underage participants and a financial incentive that will be given sporadically to the participants will be

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