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  • Telecommuting: A Case Study

    comfort is equally important (Kaplan, 2014). However, families and pets can quickly change the environment from peaceful and quiet, which is why a private workspace in the home is recommended. Even though a teleworker does not work in the office, the office at home should include privacy so others understand there is a separation. Comfort also comes from limiting travel. The results of Zhu’s (2013) study revealed that telecommuters travel longer distances to and from work because they typically find homes further away from the work place and city (Zhu, 2013, p. 637). Finding a residence further away from the congestion and high traffic is more comfortable and relaxing. Zhu also discovered telecommuters made more frequent personal trips, which could be a result of needing to step outside of the home environment to achieve a balance. Office workers traveled shorter distances because they lived closer to the office and they also made less personal trips. Non-telecommuters are closer to shopping and entertainment within the city limits compared to the telecommuters who have to travel to those destinations (Zhu, 2013, p. 637). Telecommuting Can Be Damaging to Health Telecommuting can cause adverse impacts to your health. Fan Ng (2010) outlined the affect of short-term reactions to office concepts such as location, layout, and use. The short-term reactions to these work conditions can contribute to long-term psychological and physiological effects. Depression, weight gain,…

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  • Telecommuting In Workplace

    as much or as little time as I want. I enjoy working for myself.” (Fishman, 2014, p4). It is sensational to be able to have the independence of working whenever and wherever, but various other things can outweigh the benefits. Telecommuters begin in their jobs as a non-telecommuter. Telecommuting does not necessarily mean working from home. Working from your mobile phone, tablet, and a park bench are other examples of telecommuting. Regular work-at-home, among the non-self-employed…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Telecommuting

    children by choosing to work at home they will have a balanced life between work and home. Telecommuting is not only for single parents, it offers opportunities for many pother dilemma for people across the globe. New parents do not need to worry about who will take care of their newborn when they are away from home, or if they need to send the baby to a day care. Physically challenged individuals who really want to work but, don’t want to leave their house or even can’t due to a disability…

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  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home

    line. While the company will have to provide the software and perhaps help set up some of the technology aspects such as telecommunication equipment a majority of their expenses decrease. They also receive a financial benefit from not having to provide insurance and other benefits. While most companies find it is more beneficial to still provide these advantages, not all of them will. A company also receives a tax advantage for letting employees work from home. Congress is working to pass a bill…

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  • Telecommuting Case Study

    approximately 20 percent of the U.S. workforce telework. (Gale, 2007) • between 2003 and 2004, the number of telecommuters increased at a rate of 7.5% (Gale, 2007) • 53% of telecommuters work more than 40 hours a week, while only 28% of office-based workers do. (McCafferty, 2015) • A typical business would save $11,000 per person every year by letting employees telework (McCafferty, 2015) • 82% of telecommuters surveyed said they've lowered their stress level since they started working remotely…

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  • The Importance Of Automation In The Workplace

    It has been found that with higher degrees of physical isolation there is a lower perception of respect and lower organisation identification by affected employees, two factors which can be costly to an organisation (Bartel et al., 2012). Telecommuters and virtual employees are said to to miss out on three types of development activities. The interpersonal networking opportunities present in the traditional workplace, the informal learning of work skills and information distribution, and lastly…

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  • Herzberg Two-Factory Theory Of Job Dissatisfaction: Article Analysis

    would allow federal employees to participate in the telework program. Organizations that allow employees to telework have to make a distinction between those employees who work in the office and employees who decided to participate in the telework program. Teleworker, telecommuter, and/or flexible worker are some the names used to identify employees who participate in the telework program (Aboelmaged & El Subbaugh, 2012; Golden, 2007; Morgan, 2004; OPM, 2011; Pyoria, 2011). Non-teleworkers or…

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  • Military Occupational Skills

    major role in the life of a paralegal. Research by Ergotron (1982) illustrates a sit-or-stand mobile computer workstation that allows you to move from a seated position to standing is needed. The benefit of this workstation will reduced back strain, increased productivity and the chance to burn more calories while enjoying healthier, more productive law office computing. The Work Fit workstation helps legal staff achieve the sit or stand movement their bodies naturally crave, while relieving…

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  • Alaska Oil Case Study

    What are the major sources of the federal government revenue? Individual income tax, payroll taxes paid jointly by workers and employers and corporate income tax. 5-) What are the major sources of the state revenue? Income and sales tax. 6-) Please read the article below and answer the question below. The Electronic Cottage The Industrial Revolution shifted production from rural cottages to urban factories. But the Information Revolution spawned by the microchip and the Internet has…

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  • Social Implications Of Folksonomy

    Since I have worked in the computer field for 30 years and the subject matter was mostly on the global impact of the Internet, there was no words I didn 't actually know. So I chose words rarely if ever used in the field. The words are from the assignment but the definitions are mine. Folksonomy: (noun) A user defined way of organizing on-line content so that categories and tags can be used to find and retrieve the content ("folksonomy," n.d.). Symbolic Worker: (noun phrase) This means…

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