The Benefits Of Telecommuting

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Social impact, performance, life balancing, and lack of office amenities make working from a home distasteful business. As most would agree, working from home has its benefits, mainly independence. As one employee states “I can choose how, when and where to work, for as much or as little time as I want. I enjoy working for myself.” (Fishman, 2014, p4). It is sensational to be able to have the independence of working whenever and wherever, but various other things can outweigh the benefits.

Telecommuters begin in their jobs as a non-telecommuter. Telecommuting does not necessarily mean working from home. Working from your mobile phone, tablet, and a park bench are other examples of telecommuting. Regular work-at-home, among the non-self-employed
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That is if they do not offer to provide the office equipment needed. Managers may resist the idea, fearing a loss of control over and access to employees--and a perceived reduction in their own value to the company. Performances from their employees have a chance to decrease for the reason of being able to telecommute. A variety of companies relies on strong team collaboration to complete assigned tasks, and telecommuting may damage teamwork. Telecommuting generally requires formal communication between supervisor and employee. In addition, reporting when sick and when unable to work is …show more content…
Gas reduction, childcare expenses, and clothing expenses go down. The ability to cut down those costs will help the company and employee himself. Although, when working from home, telecommuters do acquire extra expenses that demand to be put into consideration. A vital part of working from home is the office equipment. When working in an office it allows the employee accessibility to work with office equipment. Such as, computers, printers, and fax machines. A few employers do provide this equipment, but only a few provide it at a low cost for the teleworker to use (Kurkland, N. B., & Bailey, D. E, 1999). Office space for privacy is one thing a majority of teleworkers will not have access to when working at home when having to focus on their work. Teleworkers may decrease in performance leaving the office environment. A vast question is, if the employee pays for the equipment, who decides on technology requirements, and who is responsible for maintenance and support?

The effectiveness of telecommuting is a colossal difference between men and woman. In the academic journal, “How effective is telecommuting?” the scientific community is reviewing the scientific aspects of telecommuting. In one study, 30% of men compared to 18% of women reported the ability to “get more work done” as the utmost essential advantage of telecommuting (Mokhtarian et al., 1998). When thinking about staying home and setting hours to work it is enormously

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