Telecommunications infrastructure

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  • D2d Communication Case Study

    deploy the media server, popular media business can be stored in a media server, media server and using D2D mode to the business needs of users to provide media service. Alternatively, the user can make use of D2D to obtain the media content from the user terminal nearby has been the media business, in order to ease the pressure of downlink transmission operators of the cellular network. In addition, close cellular communication between users can switch to D2D communication mode The realization of the cellular network traffic. Emergency Call (eCall) When extreme natural disasters such as the earthquake occur, the traditional communication network infrastructure is often damaged, or even network paralysis brought great obstacles to the rescue work of.D2D communication may solve this problem. Such as communication network infrastructure is destroyed, still can establish the D2D connection between the terminal based on the wireless communication network, namely multi-hop D2D is based on Ad Hoc network, wireless communication terminal to ensure, to provide protection for disaster relief. In addition, the influence of factors such as terrain, buildings, wireless communication networks tends to have blind spots. By one hop or multi-hop D2D, located in the blind coverage area of the user can connect to user terminals located within the network coverage. With the help of the user terminal is connected to a wireless communication network. The enhancement of internet of things One of…

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  • General Dynamics Mission Systems Analysis

    Phase Tactical cellular technology has been around since the 1980’s. GTE, which is now General Dynamics established this technology for the Army in 1985 (Thompson, 2012). The first cellular network used by the United States Army was the Mobile Subscriber Equipment network. It was christened in 1991 in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Mobile Subscriber Equipment network is the foundation of the tactical communications network and precursor to Warfighter Information…

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  • Texas Penny Tax Case Study

    connection is a precious commodity that enables the population to communicate with one another, access information, and work. Without an internet connection, people and business cannot compete in today’s world. Likewise, it is important for Texas to develop a better telecommunication infrastructure. Historically, Texas has done a decent job supporting the development of the telecommunications infrastructure. For example, “In 1995, the Legislature created the Telecommunications Infrastructure…

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  • Telecommunication Industry In Nigeria Case Study

    The telecommunication industry has over the last thirty years witnessed massive growth and innovation due to the major roles it plays in shaping the lives of people in a country. The significance of telecommunication includes facilitating an effective environment for conducting businesses, creating an environment where people can freely interact as well as providing employment opportunities to dozens of people. The telecommunication industry in Nigeria has not been left behind since it rhymes…

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  • Axiata Case Study

    preferred provider of New Generation Telecommunications in 2020. In addition, the existence and portfolio diversification in mobile networks, digital and infrastructure communication. Axiata has offered diversity of telecommunications products and services that are constantly updated according to customer needs and technological advances. Axiata control five of the five mobile operators. Which the brand is the 'Celcom' in Malaysia, 'Dialog' in Sri Lanka, 'XL in…

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  • Shaw Industry

    2.0 Introduction: 3.0 Industry Analysis: Telecommunications is the world 's major scheme that is encircled jointly by multifaceted networks, phones, mobile phones and internet-linked PCs, the global system shake practically all of us. Over the past era, the industry has been brushed up in a rapid innovation and deregulation. It can be seen around the world that government’s monopolies are now privatized and they face a surplus of new competitors. Basic telephone calls remain to be the industry…

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  • Digital Divide Factors

    The first aspect, electricity infrastructures, such as wired telecommunication devices and technology is challenging. However, the country is compromising and making strides with the introduction and use of mobile communication systems. While a hard-lined infrastructure is ideal and most equipped to support the technological needs of the modern world, mobile devices can be used in the interim. Currently, 87% of the 400 million internet users within India access the internet through mobiles…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Telemedicine Technologies

    Chapter: For many years doctors and health service researchers have been searching about a telecommunications and new technologies to improve the health care. After a lot of work the telemedicine implemented and become an important solution for health care consultations. Telemedicine is defined as a technology that support and provide health care through long distances by using the electronic information and communications technologies. Also, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) declared…

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  • Clover Technologies Group Mission Statement Analysis

    Our fully customizable programs encompass consumer electronic retail trade-in solutions, enterprise mobile device buyback, contract repair and reclamation services to provide carriers, retailers, and OEMs the industry’s most comprehensive solution from a single provider. Clover’s telecommunication solutions support the expansion, maintenance, and technology migration of communication networks by providing hardware, test and repair, asset recovery, and materials management solutions for data,…

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  • Emergency Response

    refined in order to put forth a seamless integration of specific training, skills, and experiences. Next, there must be a reliable telecommunications system in place to allow for a unified coordination of disaster responses. A major aspect of this coordination is the delegation of authority and responsibilities. The individual responders, as well the entities for which they work, must be able to work together if there is to be an effective response to large disasters.…

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